Tuesday, August 21, 2012

first day of school

and I may or may not be already cracking under the pressure. Maybe I should just quit before I implode.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

communication is key

maybe every mommy thinks so, but I truly believe my daughter communicates with me:

when I tell her thank you for being such a good girl and sleeping through the night, she grins at me.

when I ask her if she's going to help me fold daddy's laundry when she's older, she scowls.

when I ask her if she's going to keep spitting up everytime she eats, she smirks.

when she's constipated, she makes her "uh oh" face.

when I attack her with kisses, she makes her "mom, you're embarassing me face"

when she knows I'm exhausted, she tries to wriggle less when we're cuddling.

when I don't feed her at exactly 3 hours, she reminds me.

when we play, she gives me her "I love you" smile.

when I ask her if she likes something, she grunts.

when I try to wipe her nose, and I win, she glares at me.

when we do tummy time, she'll tell daddy on me. there are even real tears in her eyes.

when we meet a new boy she likes, she'll grin for hours.

sometimes when I talk too much, she'll fall asleep.

when I tell her how cute she is, she gives me her "I know" face.

I love my baby girl!
I'm so glad she is so expressive and our days are never boring.

Monday, August 6, 2012

sleep routines.

amelia's been sleeping through the night lately. 6 out of 7 nights last week, to be exact.
I never thought I'd get here.

it's hard to believe that I was once waking up every other hour for 40 minutes at a time.
slowly, the feedings got shorter, and the time in between the feedings got longer.

for a while now, I have been only getting up once a night. only about 10, 15 minutes though.
millie's dropped that feeding a couple times before. but not this consistently.

and she only reverted back once, but that night we didn't give her a bath, per routine.

is it weird I miss it? a little?

I feed her at 6 in the morning before running. and she falls right back asleep.
no more soothing her, no more 5:30 am smiles.

but then she's staying awake during the day
and her naps are getting shorter and shorter.
we're still trying to figure out her naps so she's not so cranky.

and. she's getting so much more personalitiy.
i love it.
but her growing up is almost unbearable for me.

our love garden, week 14

reaping what we sew, for real this time:

pumpkins are growing...

peppers are turning red...

and broccoli being chopped!!

this was only half of what we got off of two plants!
we gave some to my parents,
and used some for my famous buttered noodles

and check out these sweet babies.

oh, how I love our garden :)
happy summer :)