Tuesday, May 27, 2014

yellowstone for memorial day weekend

Sorry in advance for the picture overload,
there are some words here and there if you're interested too!

still can't believe we got such a good picture. self-timed too!

Jeremy was showing me the distance between us and a prospective restaurant. He gave me a look after I snapped this photo, haha!

Amelia kept carrying around this plastic duck all weekend long, it was killing us. She would give it kisses, and say "night night duck!" and try to sneak it in her pack 'n play too!

we saw these three bears on the way to yellowstone. It was all the rage.

Jeremy thinks it's funny to take a picture of me with anything asian-related.

old faithful steaming in the background

hi there!

Amelia wanting to get closer to the 'fa-lo!"

Jeremy put down some big bucks to get her a tiny stuffed souvenir without batting an eye. It melts me how much he spoils her.

The story behind this photo-booth strip is hilarious. This was the only souvenir I wanted, so Jeremy obliged. Amelia was not having it, and obviously did not want to be in the last photo. I said to Jeremy, "I guess just make the face you would make if our daughter disappeared!" When the photo strip printed, I took one look at the photo and started cracking up. Jeremy said, "I didn't mishear you..." BAHAHAHA I was dying for an hour, and still am. Had to write it down here so I'll never forget.

note that Amelia is in a different outfit? blowout.
prepared parents for the win!

teton mountains

I love it when she's wrapped up and cuddly after her bath. easily my favorite time of the day. It doesn't look like it here, but she loves me too! (sometimes)

We stayed in Jackson Hole and traveled to Yellowstone National Park for the weekend. You guys, traveling with a toddler is stressful! But let's not emphasize on the negatives, as all you moms already know this story. Instead let's talk about how Jeremy had a whole extra day off from work. How we got to sleep in every day. How we ate out so much and didn't have to worry about cooking. (I was still in a panic about the situation with Amelia's green smoothies. ha! I know I'm such a nut case). How much fun it was to hike and be one with nature. I wasn't feeling amazing during the trip, and Jeremy just pampered me the whole time. I'm so grateful to go on a mini vacation with my little family and remember why we started this journey! Sometimes, I feel like we get lost in work and grocery shopping and cleaning and cooking and etc. etc., it's nice to take a break and relish on secluded, carefree time with each other. I love my babes!

I'm also grateful for our armed forces, those serving, those who have served, and those who have died for my freedom. I hope I'm able to teach my children to be patriotic and love the USA and those who defend it.

Hope your Memorial Day was excellent!

Monday, May 26, 2014

dirty thirty

Amelia with her shades// love her some monkey!// best 3 minutes of Amelia's life. She was sure worried the whole way around looking for her daddy, and then she was see him and yell "DADDY DADDY" and repeat// what sound does an elephant make? (complete with action)// Jeremy was teaching Amelia that the rhinos were "pregnant" ...not sure how appropriate that is// alligator goes "SNAP!"

my little drama queen.

denture ice cubes.

My Jeremy babe turned 30 on the 21st, it was a big deal. All month long he kept acting like it was no big deal, so I followed suit. Except I was planning a surprise party for him. You guys, I get so overwhelmed easily. How do you keep secrets from your husband? (need to take a class maybe...) I had no idea when he was going to get off of work, if we would have time to go to the zoo, what time we'd be headed home, if the weather would be decent, how happy/ornery Amelia would be, if our fence would be up (it wasn't)... ahh! All of it was just making me sweat sweat sweat. Thank goodness my mother in law came to help set up. Thank goodness Jeremy got off early enough to for a quick visit to the zoo. Thank goodness we had so much family to come and love and support and bring food to share (we missed you Melissa & Molly!). Thank goodness everything just ended up perfect! It was just a grand little party, and I'm so happy to celebrate my favorite 30 year old!

29 years
I took Jeremy out to dinner
and gave him a baby for his 28th birthday
and I didn't blog about it.
27 years

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

30 things about my favorite 30 year old.

Jeremy is acting like today is no big deal.
What a party pooper.
goodness, I love him.

Here's a lovely list about my darling husband:
1// He was born in Murray, Utah, about 30 years ago.
2// He has four siblings, and he's right smack in the middle.
3// His family is a bit crazy, so he always tells everyone he was the mailman's son.
Even though he looks just like his brothers.
4// He takes after his father in his work ethic.
5// and after his mother in the way he loves and nurtures.
6// He loves his mom and always talks about how much she serves others.
7/ He was handcuffed on his front porch when he was in high school.
Because he refused to go to class.
And his mom called the cops on him.
8// He played football in high school #65
9// He loves vanilla oreos. and chicken gnocchi soup. and turkey sandwiches. and ice cream sandwiches. and telling his wife to go buy things for herself.
10// He totally has a cute butt.
11// His blue eyes melt me. I am a little sad we will never have blue-eyed babies.
12// When we were dating, he told me his greatest fear was not being able to take care of his family.
13// It wasn't just a pick-up line.
14// He served a Nashville, Tennessee mission for the LDS church when he was 19.
15// He wears dentures. JUST KIDDING. But, he does have naturally straight teeth and never gets any cavities.
16//  But really, he is a little deaf.
17// He is a little bit of a clean freak.
18// He may or may not have a little bit of road rage.
19// He does things on his own timeline. Not a second before or a second after his mind is made up.
20// He does not like beans. or tomatoes. or avocados. or pineapples. pretty much he is a little bit of a picky eater.
21// He worked for his grandfather for a few years before deciding construction wasn't his dream career.
22// He tells everyone he became a nurse for the money.
23// He doesn't tell everyone he became a nurse because he's great at loving people when they are most vulnerable.
and because he's so dang smart.
25// He shed a few tears when I told him he was going to be a daddy.
and at the anatomy ultrasound.
He fell in love with his daughter the minute he met her.
He lets her get away with practically everything under the sun.
26// He is calm and collected, and refuses to yell at his wife.
27// He's always been such a gentleman.
A girl once text him after a date, "You know, you can hold my hand..."
It wasn't me.
28// He writes me the most special cards on special holidays throughout the year.
29// He is the reason I wake up grateful to be married every day. He makes me laugh until I pee in my pants. He respects and listens to me. I love him more and more every day.

Jeremy babe,
I'm so grateful you're mine.
Thank you for all that you do for our little family
and thanks for being the man of my dreams.
I'm excited to celebrate all your decade birthdays with you until the end of time.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


(written a few months ago:)

It’s strange.

It’s strange, because all I can remember is
how huge I was-- how ridiculously giant I was, waddling around everywhere
how out of breath I always was
how I could never wear heels because my center of gravity was so off
how edematous my feet and hands and face were
how miserably hot it was
how much I cried
how hard she kicked and rolled and punched my ribs
how exhausted I was
how nauseated I was, how hungry I was.

It’s strange.
Because it’s all I want, so bad.
But it’s Day 1 of my cycle. Again.

Monday, May 12, 2014

mothers' day

I think you know, motherhood has been the highest and holiest calling I've ever had. It's the best and hardest thing I've ever done. I've never loved or laughed or cried or grew quite like I do as mother. I constantly reflect on what kind of a mother I am and what kind of a mother I want to be and what kind of a mother I want my child(ren) to remember. I love her (and them) so very much. I hope I'm the type of mother Heavenly Father wants me to be.

For Mothers' Day, I just didn't want to cook or clean. Jeremy cleaned the entire house, vacuumed, scrubbed the stove, did the dishes (hallelujah!) and prepared additional lovely surprises that makes a mama like me melt. 

We went to visit our moms and tell them how much we loved them and appreciated them. We gave them giant cards with our handprints and potted yellow lilies. Simple, but from the heart! We're so grateful for their love, patience, and example in our lives.

I feel so blessed and grateful to be trusted with this responsibility.
I just love this chapter in my life.