Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I love my Jeremy Ray so much, and I thought my heart would burst from loving him so much that I couldn't love him more. And then he became a father and I couldn't believe how much more my heart swelled. Gosh, I'm so grateful for him and for all that he does for us. I'm so grateful that he supports me in all my thoughts, ideas, and dreams, and that he leads our family with such amazingly level-headed character. I love his blue eyes, I love his dimpled smile, I love how faithfully he holds my hand. But most importantly, I love how he loves, cherishes, spoils our daughter. He makes me want to be a better mother, wife, friend, nurse, person. I'm so blessed he is forever mine.

Monday, June 9, 2014


My dearest Amelia,

Time has flown, and you are now two years old. I see all the strength and love and potential and determination I saw in you that first day we met, only exponentiated. Time has flown and I'm gripping to these precious memories I have with you, yet they are falling through my fingers like sand. Can we just freeze time and happiness and stand still for a few moments?

My favorite memories from the last month:

When your daddy told you to stay inside and you stomped at him. You controlled your tantrum pretty well, but we had a good laugh.

Watching you eat your blueberry pancake birthday breakfast.

All the times in church when you say "AMEN!"

When you yell "mommy!!!!!!!!!!!" and give me a hug.

When you started counting to 10 by yourself when we dry your hair.

Last night, on your birthday, you walked right to your crib after brushing your teeth, knelt down and folded your arms. I asked if you wanted to say the prayer, and you began by yourself, "Heavenly Father, thanks for this day, thanks for blessings, thanks for daddy, thanks for mommy..." You trailed off and I prompted, "please..." You continued, "please bless FOOD!" (we bless the food 3 times a day, so that's okay) "please bless family, please bless good night, name Jesus Christ, AMEN!" I had a few tears welling up, because you are definitely the sweetest.

When you started holding still and saying "cheese!" for your daily picture.

When you shared a fruit snack with the girl behind our pew during sacrament meeting.

When you dropped the 'almost' and "almost two!"

When you fell asleep on me and let me feel you breathe on my face.

When you get nervous and want to hold my hand.

Swimming lessons and you clinging for dear life with your arms and legs.

When you started yelling your cousins' names "RemingTON! Molly-RUE!" or how every baby is "Hadley"

When you started remembering who's house we were going to, even rear-facing.

When we changed your car seat to foward-facing and you had to tell us every time you saw a FLAG! AIRPLANE! HOUSE! LIGHT! STOP SIGN! DOG! BIRD! TRUCK! (except you don't say truck)

Most moments are a complete joy with you. Trying to teach you to share, to take turns, to eat healthy, to hold my hand when we cross the street, to say please and thank you, these moments have brought me closer to Heavenly Father. I like to imagine how He must feel trying to teach me and humble me.

I love you endlessly. My advice for you is to pray often and trust in the Lord. You can do anything you want to do and be anyone you want to be, because your future is limitless. But do pray, because He does listen. And do trust, because sometimes you will fall and sometimes I won't be able to pick you up.

I love you, I love you. My heart could burst from my chest from loving you so much. Thank you for changing me for the better. Thank you for being the love of my life.


Saturday, June 7, 2014

ahoy! join the crew...

In planning for this party, I promised myself we wouldn't go big. But, how do you not go big for your baby? Thanks to my parents for watching Amelia while we set up, thanks to Julie for making a perfect cake and a dozen perfect cupcakes, thanks to friends and family for coming to celebrate with us!! I love my Millie babe so much, I can hardly stand it sometimes! I'm so grateful to be a mother, and I'm so grateful for the man that has stood by my side through this wonderful journey. It certainly has been the most amazing two years of my life.