Wednesday, May 24, 2017


dear evelyn,

we're finally over our cold! life feels so much better sleeping through the night without waking up to blow my nose or drink water. in fact, i think i've slept so soundly that i'm only waking up once a night to pee! it's been a great few days since we've recovered. daddy's birthday was this week-- i think it's so neat that he turned 33 years old the same week you turned 33 weeks! unfortunately, we didn't spoil him like he deserves. he actually woke up with your sisters (letting me sleep in) and also let me get a nap after church. marriage, as you will soon find out, is a lot of compromise and serving each other at different, unexpected times. we had a busy weekend with amelia's dance revue, soccer game, tumbling showcase, and preschool graduation... i think it completely wiped us out! oh whale.

with 7 weeks to go, i feel a little defeated earlier this week. the weather is warming up (actually, i've been roasting a bit), and 7 weeks just felt like an eternity! i've started to cherish each day feeling you move in my belly, considering this may be the last time i grow a baby in my tummy. i've also been "practicing" relaxing into each contraction, to help get ready for the real deal. it's been interesting, as i've always instinctively tense my body when reacting to pain.

cheers to 7 weeks until july 7th!
love you ev!

Monday, May 15, 2017


dear evelyn,

uterine irritability is no joke. that's mainly mostly what's on my mind these days. maybe by the time you're reading this, or pregnant yourself, there will be another term for it... but these contractions aren't just mild braxton hicks. some days, i get by fine; other days, i feel like i'm going to crack and i end my day with tears. i think that remembering that there's still another 7 and a half weeks to go is what is breaking me down. recommendations for these contractions include tylenol, warm baths, and rest. i think i've taken more tylenol for this pregnancy than i have in my entire life combined, and warm baths and rest isn't really an option when i have two other kids. in the end, i remember that you're safe. and i'm so grateful for that, i promise!

yesterday was mother's day, and i cried multiple times in church and from reading cards. i'm so grateful for the opportunity to be a mother-- i know so many who are heartbroken because they aren't as privileged. but being a mom is no joke either! it was nice to be reminded that motherhood and bravery include all the silent, mundane, ordinary moments that aren't all that glamorous... all those moments go into building, growing, nurturing little individuals who grow into themselves and hopefully become successful contributors to society-- someone who is kind and smart, generous and not afraid to ask questions, hardworking and responsible, someone who leads, but can also follow, who loves to laugh and try new things and is not afraid to defend. i hope you know your strengths and that you are proud of yourself, because you are a daughter of a King. i hope you never forget that.

love you more than you'll ever know,

ps. your auntie shelbi is getting married tomorrow! we've been friends since we were 13; and although life is busy, we seem to always pick up where we left off.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


dear evelyn,

we're getting down to the wire, and i'm feeling so at peace with your impending arrival. not that i've formally prepared or "nested" so to speak. there are a couple of things that i need to take care of-- getting your bassinet in my room, and all our baby essentials washed and ready, and i think that's about it???? i've purchased a sweet little bonnet and a new swaddle blanket for you, but most of your things will have been handed down from your sisters. on my to-do list still is getting our tdap vaccination-- just to help your passive immunity. (you can't get the tdap vax yourself until 2 months, i think?) anyway, life just moves on, and the weeks are flying by faster than i can keep track! (we're actually 32 weeks tomorrow, and i can't believe we only have 8 weeks to go!)

this next week, your cousin and aunt melissa turn 29 weeks; this is the week that the robbins babes like to jump-start their arrival and usually tend to make us more nervous for their safety. you hang on to your cousin, and tell him or her to stay put with you. have a party up there, and we'll see you guys when you're a little bigger!

love you lots,

Monday, May 1, 2017


dear evelyn,

we're 30 weeks and i'm feeling it! i'm constantly waddling, mostly because i'm aching in most of my lower extremities and i sorta just feel like sitting on the couch most of the day. dr. thackeray called today with my test results from our recent appointment-- all good news! negative fetal fibronecton, anti-c antibody titer still less than one, 1-hour glucose at 94 (normal is 140?), and iron within normal limits (for the first time in all of my pregnancies!). He told me we can stop the monthly titer draws for anti-c, because at this point you're probably safe from anemia, and also just resume my normal activities and just be cautious of and rest from my contractions. i know we're so lucky and i'm so grateful for such normal, uncomplicated results. ...................but... uterine irritability is no joke. it feels like the first two hours of induced labor... all. the. time. the contractions, though irregular, measure from 6-15 every hour, and they ache and disturb my entire day. i hate sounding like i'm ungrateful-- i'm so grateful that we don't have preterm labor, but i just sorta wish we didn't have uterine irritability either! we have under 10 weeks to go, and i'm anxious to meet you. i'm almost positive that your birthday will be July 7th or 8th, but i'd love for you to surprise us too.

daddy's guessing you'll be born:
july 7th @ 11:28
7 lbs 8 oz
20 inches
and completely bald

I'm guessing:
july 8th @ 12:00
7 lbs even
19 inches
head full of curly hair (just like your dad and amelia)

and my predictions are based solely on you measuring small at your 20-week anatomy ultrasound. it's okay, i'm sure you'll catch up!

my friend had her baby josephine today! her big sis penny and your big sis amelia are good friends, and i'm sure you two will be friends as well! so excited to meet you and mother you!


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

march for the bodtchers

the girls watching and performing actions to "the wheels on the bus"

smoothie 'stache

it always amazes me when i'm pushing around a full cart. i know i'll wear evie around for a while, and hopefully by the time she's big enough to sit in the cart, amelia will be focused enough to walk with me!

home depot diy kids workshop! the girls loved building projects with their dad!

we re-potted amelia's beanstalk plant... and it has since passed away... i don't know how to keep plants alive!

amelia's winter soccer league-- to keep both her and us sane!

my go to meal for weeks-- avocado, red peppers and cheese wrapped in a tortilla

teaching amelia how to make simple meals by herself. quesadillas obviously came first!

scarlett fell asleep in the car and transferred so easily into amelia's bed... and ended up with the shortest nap in history. keep your kid in their crib for as long as possible! (lesson learned!)

scarlett's first time on the ferris wheel at scheel's.

don't be fooled by scarlett's smiles. she was traumatized by the 4D effects of the aquarium movie. she still talks about "penguin movie... sprayed me!"

the girls' favorite librarian is ms. tami-- they love her, and she loves them! scarlett use to break down if on mondays and thursdays, when other librarians led storytime; even now, i have to prepare her and tell her "ms. tami is sleeping" if she's not there. amelia and ms. tami started storytime together (when amelia was barely 1, and ms. tami was brand new at our library)... almost 4 years ago! she loves her as well, and ms. tami saved pages and pages of frozen stickers for her!

another training session. amelia finally increased to 3 miles... and she hates it. we do 2ish most days, and i think it'll be fine for our race??

we went to cousin ava's "suessical the musical" production and it brought back so much senior year nostalgia! ava was a bird girl and performed so beautifully! the girls loved it and we all went out to dinner afterwards. amelia held the door open for strangers as we waited to be seated, and would yell "you're welcome!" to everyone who passed (even if they didn't say "thank you").

i spent so much of march trying to figure out what to do for amelia's reading lessons. with the help of my mother in law, sister in law, and librarians, i finally set up lesson plans! we're not strict, and amelia loves to read anything she can get her hands on-- our favorites right now are the boxcar children series!

treats at the end of an aquarium visit because they were soo well-behaved!
...and they both fell asleep.

love that our brookie loves to eat vegetables for lunch with us!

"T" hair for "T" day at preschool

amelia was moved up to the 5-7 yo POWER tumbling class, and we're so proud of how hard she works! can't wait for her tumbling showcase in may!

wrapped up to spectate one of millie's cold soccer game.

someone insisted on bringing baby rose and her carseat with us.

i figured out the magic potion to clean glass showers! equal parts of vinegar and lemon juice!

i love the way my kids sleep, i love they way they adventure at the aquarium and the library, i love watching them grow into their own person.