Tuesday, December 31, 2013

playing with molly larue



Oh man. Holding a baby-baby makes my mommy hormones go wild, but I think Amelia is definitely less excited about another baby in the house. Amelia struggled to share, and was pretty upset when I let Molly keep one block out of the 453489 blocks Amelia owns. To show me how upset she was, she threw a block at Molly's head. You can imagine where this escalated to... Still, I was so proud of her. Amelia showed a mounds of remorse, and surrounded Molly with toys afterwards. She wanted to help feed Molly, she would say "shhh...." when Molly was napping, she gave Molly a few of kisses.

Thanks Molly, for being so patient with us. Thanks Ryan and Melissa for trusting us with Molly! We loved every second she was here.

christmas day at the bodtchers

We were thoroughly spoiled this year. Please enjoy my most favorite pictures of the day:

("here mom, take my bow" HA! not sure why this was so hilarious to me, but so glad we got it in pictures)

(thanks Johnsons, this is one of Amelia's new favorites)

("mom, no time for posing, PRESENTS!!!")

("oh. a calendar... FUUUUUUUN...") I make a calendar for Jeremy every Christmas, but Amelia was not impressed after she had opened her cars.

We went over to Grandma and Grandpa Bodtcher's after we had Christmas morning to ourselves. Grandma likes to spoil, and we like to keep things simple, so we asked for a step stool (Amelia is always so interested when we are cooking), books, and clothes.

I seriously love my sweetheart so much. So lucky and blessed to have him and the family I married into. We got "TELESTRATIONS" (the super fun game I've been raving about for a year now) and a lot of help towards our basement. Again, we're so spoiled.

Family pictures, take 1! (with Joshua Robinson!)

Take 2 wasn't much better...

We had lunch, and Amelia enjoyed her cousins toys while they were gone. The three of us took a sweet little nap upstairs before heading over to my parents. Jeremy and I loved reminiscing our newlyweds days.

Amelia was really good at, "can you give this present to..." (such a sweetheart)

My parents always cook the most amazing food. I'm so grateful for them and their influence on Amelia. We finally ended the night at Jeremy's Grandma/Grandpa Jackson's:

Grandma Jackson always finds the best presents, for so many kids, grands, and great-grands too! I can't believe she's so motivated and hope to be just like her when my children and their children are grown someday.

it was getting crazy//

Amelia with Great-Grandpa Jackson, her namesake.

Christmas was so amazing this year. What they say is true, the holidays are so much better with children. The same goes with life. So much more exhausting, but so much more enriched and fulfilling. Christmas will always be my favorite holiday, and it'll only get better as time takes it's course. My heart is full.

christmas eve at the bodtchers

Things usually slow down around here for Christmas, I'm  usually out of school by the beginning of December, we usually work less, etc. This year, the holidays just flew by!! Jeremy had to work Christmas eve, so we started our evening at my parents:

alright, alright. we had a blowout.

Then, we went over to Grandma Allred's to celebrate with the Bodtchers:

The kiddos did a little gift-switcheroo, where to pass the gift every time you hear "snowman" in the story. Amelia was included, but she did NOT want to pass her gift on. There was screaming and real tears! (We're still working on the concept of sharing and giving)

Finally, we went home to celebrate just the three of us. Around here, we open one gift on Christmas eve: pajamas of course! I love that Amelia knows right where the bow goes:

20 self-timed pictures, here are our top 3:

I sure love my two babes. It's crazy how much can change in a year. I worked early Christmas morning from midnight to six. If I had to work a shift, that was probably the best one. I say this all the time, but I'm grateful for this life of mine. I'm so blessed to have the family and friends I do, so blessed to have all the comforts in life that so many people don't get to enjoy, so blessed to know that my savior died on a cross for me.