Tuesday, April 26, 2011

all about awful exhalation.

when I was younger, I had this horrid fear of my own morning breath. I just always thought that when I got married, I would have to wake up early, brush my teeth, and then get back into bed and pretend that I had this wonderful breath this whole time.

SO... for all of you little girls who may or may not have this great fear, please understand that everyone has horrid morning breath. and your husband will probably love you anyway. In fact, he'll probably love you so much, he'll pull you back to him so you can't even get out of bed to brush your teeth. In fact, it'll probably take an hour after your alarm goes off, before you realize you can use your breath against him. all it takes is a little WOOOOOOOOOOSH, and he'll let you go like *snaps fingers* that! In fact, he probably really wants to get you fat, by making breakfast for you all the time and buying tons of chocolate for you.

but really in fact, you'll secretly love that he thinks of you so often and does all silly these things for you. In fact, you'll love him down to all his sleeping twitches, and his annoyed looks when you bite him (especially when he is sunburnt), and the ridiculous things he says, and how small you feel in his arms. In fact, you'll love him for all his accomplishments, all his hard work, and all his ambition. In fact, the love never stops growing, and you'll probably never stop finding new things you love about him.

so keep making that list of what you want in your prince charming, little princess, because I promise you, he is out there. Sometimes it just takes a little aggressiveness in asking him if he is ever going to ask for your number.

love love love,
the mrs.

Monday, April 25, 2011

"I love how much you love me"

when you are a newlywed,
you have periods of time when you're struggling to learn the concept of having your best friend also be your lover and your roommate. when you struggle to grow together and learn together. when you struggle to find enough patience.

and then you have periods of time when you can't believe you're falling in love all over again. when you are surprised and not surprised by the beautiful soulmate you wake up to everyday. when you love the struggles, and growings, and learnings, and lack of patiences.

This was the first year that the Easter holiday really hit home. Not only was I taught about it twice, I also got to teach about it (oh, how great it is to learn from my ten-year old class). I won't bore you with how happy I am just about the meaning of this holiday, but it really was so great.

This Easter, Jeremy surprised me with a pink basket full of chocolates that said "princess" across the front (it's funny because I always tell him that I'm a princess and I should be spoiled) and also with a dozen plastic leopard printed egg hunt. inside each egg was a reason of why he loved me. did anyone ever tell Jeremy that I love surprises? I sure didn't, but he sure figured it out quick.

I couldn't tell you all the reasons why I love Jeremy in a post. I couldn't even tell you all of them in a life time of conversations. It's the way it's so indescribable that makes it so beautiful. I can't wait to grow old, and live in an assisted living with him, half crazy, and still be holding each other all night as we fall asleep. I can't wait to share children with him and watch him be a father. I can't wait to see the look on his face next time I ask him if we can take a picture. I can't wait until I get to tell him "I love you" tonight.

Jeremy alone gives me a billion reasons to be grateful for, and I'm pretty sure I couldn't make it without him.

until next time,
mrs. bodtcher

Friday, April 15, 2011

it was not your fault, but mine.

do you ever feel so inspired and moved that you don't really know where to begin?

today, I feel the need to confess my fear of not acting on my instincts/promptings and the consequences from not touching another's life. Heaven knows I would be in a different place without the great people and influences in my life. Part of me is so scared that some stranger is walking around out there feeling completely empty and hopeless because I didn't reach out to them sometime in my life.

I've been walking around campus with tears in my eyes because that thought has been haunting me. My heart is literally hurting again and I feel sick more than not lately. Has anyone else ever felt this way? "Who are you to be happy when there are so many people still suffering?"

It could be the sleep deprivation and stress finally getting to me.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

[day 21] a picture of something that makes you happy

the temple.
need I say more?

this was a little while ago
but whether I'm going through a hard time
or just needing the high from the spirit
coming here always makes me feel at peace.

this is actually the draper temple,
and it has special meaning to me
my parents and I went through the open house
 before it was dedicated.

the spirit is always so sweet.
in fact,
I ask Jer if we could go tonight right before I started this post! :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

6 months and the day after :)

was our sixth month anniversary
I know that people don't celebrate "month" anniversaries after their married
but we love it.

Jeremy surprised me with TWO dozen roses in my car :)

and then we went to Olive Garden
(my favorite restaurant)
for dinner.
Our server was pretty funny,
he tried to make a speech about how there were many more to come
but kept stuttering.
I think he secretly just thought we were lame,
but still wanted a decent tip.

we went home for an early night
because of my little race the next day.
Jeremy surprised me with Pearl earrings
that I've been wanting for the longest time.
I got him ties, suspenders, tie clips, and shoe shiners
mostly for me. :)

We watched "all good things"
which depicted the husband as the crappiest guy ever
only reminded me why
I'm so lucky to be married to my guy.

It was snowing hard this morning
but I sucked it up like a brave little girl
and finished the race.

me with my greatest supporter,
after 3.1 miles

2nd place in my divison, 26th overall,
I beat my last 5k by a minute and a half's time.
good day, what can I say?

ps. I'm making my running/exercise blog available
for anyone who wants to see it.
contact me with your email
if you're one of those anyones.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

[day 9] something you're proud of in the past few days

okay, not to sound like a broken record... but in case you haven't heard, I got into College of Nursing at University of Utah. Pretty big deal if you ask me. What you probably didn't already know was that I had to pay 95 dollars to get a criminal background check and a drug screening within 72 hours of opening that online letter.

So, today I went to take a pee test (haha). For some reason, I always get really shy. I hate drug screenings, because I can never perform in a timely manner, and I imagine in my head that they're going to note that, and some how my urine is going to come up positive for illegal drug use. Anyway, I get there around 10:00 AM, and there's no line- perfect! :) but, as my luck would have it, there is not twinge down there whatsoever. so the technican gives me a cup.

It's labeled, "urine collection container" and tells me I can fill that up, there's a drinking fountain on the other side of the building. So I pretty much down 5-6 cups of water from this said cup. Nothing. By this time, three or four people have gone through and performed and is out. and I'm still waiting to go (frustrating, yes?)

Finally, I feel ready, but what comes out, only fills half their capsule. They say it might not be enough, and they might contact me to go again, and send me on my way out. Literally five minutes later, and 10 minutes later again, I have this painful urge to go (of course, after I leave). really?

story of my life.

Monday, April 4, 2011

it's celebrating times

So, on sunday, during general conference, I was checking my email, and I saw the subject line, "University of Utah College of Nursing Decision now available" so of course, my heart starting pounding (literally I could feel it about to jump out of my chest, really). whilst this is occurring, I am frantically trying to find my ID to sign in (it's L, and then a ridulcously long strand of numbers), and I'm about to pass out. I'm sitting on Jeremy's lap, and I don't know if he's noticing, and I'm not sure if I really care, and part of me doesn't want to check their decision because I know I will be so so so devastated if I'm rejected, and I don't want everyone to have to feel sorry for me.

so all this is happening, when I finally open the decision link, which says "Dear Nien-Tzu Wu, Congratulations......................." at this point, (as I'm told) I jump out of Jeremy's lap, throw my laptop on him, and start screaming and dancing like a maniac. I WAS ACCEPTED!!!!!! The last two years actually paid off!!!! I had been imagining this moment for what felt like FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really almost cried, but not really. I was just so relieved and happy and everything and infinite. :)

Of course, Jeremy's dad, Randy, had to point out that the letter was sent out on "April 1st," which gave me a second's panic............ but then I got over it. :) but pretty ironic, no? They really should have sent it out a day earlier, or later. But I don't really mind too much! :)

we went to paradaise bakery tonight to celebrate. Jeremy and I use to come here allll the time when we were just young'uns still dating, but now we only come on special nights :) probably, because we're trying to cut down on the eating out business :/ I dressed up, because that's what I like to do; he didn't, because that's not what he likes to do, but we still match up pretty fine :) Anyhow, it's surprising how little it takes for me to fill up on these days, I'm actually quite impressed.

Also, we went walking around petsmart (because we couldn't find the ross, but I swear it was there last time I was in the area) and made a new friend, Nigel. :) everytime we put our finger against the glass, it clawed at us like he was trying to get on our fingers, so sweet! :)

ps. I signed up for it! half-marathon on June 4th. and I'm sure I'm less likely to wimp out because I paid a whole whooping 60 bucks for it too! Really though, running consistently the last three weeks for training has made me feel like a whole new person. I really do love that shaky feeling after you finish a good run, you know what I mean? It's too great that we have our very own treadmill in our home that I can watch the biggest loser and feel motivated to everyday. :)

haha okay, so Melissa says I have too much typing, and not enough pictures, so imma peace out bras! haha

Saturday, April 2, 2011

[day 1] recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

1. I love learning- science, socialogy, math, history, psychology, dance, art, music, etc.
2. I can withstand a day's pain of high heels in trade of feeling skinny.
3. having family is the best feeling in the world.
4. I never thought I would be the girl who got married right out of high school
5. nothing beats an hour and a half of testimony-strengthening every week.
6. I love aspects of different cultures- accents, food, customs, myths, languages, etc.
7. my husband thought about spending the rest of his life with me before he told me he loved me.
8. I love the feeling after a good run.
9. I like having an impressive resume, just because.
10. when I get stressed, I clean.
11. I'm pretty loud.
12. I'm wearing the same ring my husband proposed to me with (it was a surprised proposal)-
no exchanges, no resizing (good work, huh?)
13. I dislike being cold.
14. I make myself cry sometimes, just thinking about people I love dying.
15. I find things everyday to be grateful for and humbled by.