Sunday, June 25, 2017


dear evelyn,

we are 3 cm dilated and 70% effaced, and had a membrane sweep a few days ago. and then i worked 2 night shifts in a row. but... i think you're just going to stay put. our contractions have slooooooooowed down. in fact i think we've had the least contractions this week than any other week past 26. that doesn't really help, does it? oh well, there's 13 days left.

daddy painted our master bedroom and we have been slowly getting ready for your arrival. your bassinet is in our room and your swing is in the family room. scarlett loves to push it manually and say, "i push evelyn?" (we're sure she'll be very, very helpful when you arrive). i just need to wash your newborn outfits and pack our hospital bag and clean your carseat and then we'll be ready! we're not expecting an surprise early arrival, which is why i've procrastinated so much!

two of your friends arrived this last week... both baby girls named zoey! we'll have to go meet them when you get here! i love how much you stretch and move inside me. i love that you let me sleep so well these days. i really think i might miss this pregnancy when it's over! but... i truly can't wait to push you out and welcome you into this world!

love you. so much.

may for the bodtchers

 (another surprise picture i found on my phone. wish i knew the backstory)

 (bike rides to preschool)

(scarlett showing her sass and strength)

 (yoga storytime was so fun!)

 (scarlett falling asleep on the way home// trying to keep up with the big girls!)

 (i've always loved jeremy's belly laugh)

 (scarlett's first dutch braid, into piggies!)

 (all ready for dance pictures!)

 (sleepy daddy, notice rose sitting down next to him?)

 ("Dear Daddy I am so sorry for making a bad choysis" all by herself)

 (strawberries from seed)

 (beehive in our lemonade stand)

 (making her own birthday invitations early in may)

 (roughly 10 shifts left before baby's arrival)

 (she loves grapefruit)

 (amelia and molly were matching 9's for their spring soccer season!)

 (i love their ever-enthusiastic faces while watching frozen)

 (mother's day cards in primary, i love these kids so much!)

 (sometimes it is so quiet that i have to check on them,
sometimes it's just silent reading and so it's so sweet and beautiful!)
 (amelia's dance evaluation)

 (scarlett and i at shelbi and danny's wedding reception!)

 (daddy's birthday, where scarlett started making her signature face for pictures)

 (cute routine for amelia's last day of dance)

 (sleepy scarlett)

 (scarlett doing a simpler similar routine for her last day of dance)

 (auditioning for synergy's mini prep!)

 (such good attitudes training for our 5k)

 (last day of preschool with our ms. holly)

(a happy memory here for journaling's sake: the girls and i discovered fish trapped in a shallow section of the lake... we believed they were going to die. i hopped in and helped 6ish fish with my bare hands to deeper water and safety. the girls watched in awe. it was a simple, menial task; but my favorite part was when amelia told me "mommy you were so brave!" and the girls looked at me like i was some kind of superhero!)

 (my baby and my baby)

(i took so many pictures because i had such a good hair day! usually it's up in a bun or a side braid)

 (loved finding this sweetness)

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