Tuesday, April 25, 2017

march for the bodtchers

the girls watching and performing actions to "the wheels on the bus"

smoothie 'stache

it always amazes me when i'm pushing around a full cart. i know i'll wear evie around for a while, and hopefully by the time she's big enough to sit in the cart, amelia will be focused enough to walk with me!

home depot diy kids workshop! the girls loved building projects with their dad!

we re-potted amelia's beanstalk plant... and it has since passed away... i don't know how to keep plants alive!

amelia's winter soccer league-- to keep both her and us sane!

my go to meal for weeks-- avocado, red peppers and cheese wrapped in a tortilla

teaching amelia how to make simple meals by herself. quesadillas obviously came first!

scarlett fell asleep in the car and transferred so easily into amelia's bed... and ended up with the shortest nap in history. keep your kid in their crib for as long as possible! (lesson learned!)

scarlett's first time on the ferris wheel at scheel's.

don't be fooled by scarlett's smiles. she was traumatized by the 4D effects of the aquarium movie. she still talks about "penguin movie... sprayed me!"

the girls' favorite librarian is ms. tami-- they love her, and she loves them! scarlett use to break down if on mondays and thursdays, when other librarians led storytime; even now, i have to prepare her and tell her "ms. tami is sleeping" if she's not there. amelia and ms. tami started storytime together (when amelia was barely 1, and ms. tami was brand new at our library)... almost 4 years ago! she loves her as well, and ms. tami saved pages and pages of frozen stickers for her!

another training session. amelia finally increased to 3 miles... and she hates it. we do 2ish most days, and i think it'll be fine for our race??

we went to cousin ava's "suessical the musical" production and it brought back so much senior year nostalgia! ava was a bird girl and performed so beautifully! the girls loved it and we all went out to dinner afterwards. amelia held the door open for strangers as we waited to be seated, and would yell "you're welcome!" to everyone who passed (even if they didn't say "thank you").

i spent so much of march trying to figure out what to do for amelia's reading lessons. with the help of my mother in law, sister in law, and librarians, i finally set up lesson plans! we're not strict, and amelia loves to read anything she can get her hands on-- our favorites right now are the boxcar children series!

treats at the end of an aquarium visit because they were soo well-behaved!
...and they both fell asleep.

love that our brookie loves to eat vegetables for lunch with us!

"T" hair for "T" day at preschool

amelia was moved up to the 5-7 yo POWER tumbling class, and we're so proud of how hard she works! can't wait for her tumbling showcase in may!

wrapped up to spectate one of millie's cold soccer game.

someone insisted on bringing baby rose and her carseat with us.

i figured out the magic potion to clean glass showers! equal parts of vinegar and lemon juice!

i love the way my kids sleep, i love they way they adventure at the aquarium and the library, i love watching them grow into their own person.