Thursday, October 13, 2011

I know my call despite my faults

I was driving and this song came on the radio and I started bawling my eyes out.
isn't just great to have someone who always believes in you,
and tells you it's okay to be scared,
and that you can do anything under that sun?
sometimes I'm terrified that I can't do a lot of things...
a few weeks ago, I almost started crying in the middle of my nursing simulation
(where a couple of nursing students perform nursing cares on and talk to a mannequin for about 10 min.
oh ps. they film you, and your whole clinical group watches you,
then you rewatch it and get debriefed).
They made me the head nurse,
and I was shaking so hard afterwards;
I told Jeremy I was quitting nursing school.
he told me that I would be fine.
that it's so scary, and it makes you want to quit
but that's what makes it worth it.
the next week
I got a 98.5 on my assessment passoff
without even looking at that damn cheatsheet.
my husband is so positive and loving and excited and
he refuses to let me get down about myself.
it's great to have an advocate in your life.
to get a hello kiss everyday,
to know that someone will stand up for you even if you're wrong,
to know that you're not alone
when something scary happens.

i absolutely, completely, entirely love jeremy ray bodtcher.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

to celebrate 52 weeks of marriage:

if you didn't know, this october 8th was our 1 year anniversary!
Jeremy and I went to Moab to celebrate

it was also where we went on our honeymoon,
where we lost all our honeymoon pictures,
so here's what we came up with to make up for it! :)

dark night driving out. :)

isn't the sky just gorgeous????

we went to the monticello temple. :)

it was such a small temple,
but with such a great spirit!!

of course we went hiking.
this is the turn right before you see delicate arch.

here we are. :)
it's gorgeous isn't it?

it's easy to feel so small when you see beautiful creations like this.

haha someone yelled out
when we took this picture.

it's true, we are!

yep, I married this goofball :)

we got these ginormous slices of pizza for super cheap!!

and we ate at pasta jays,
and it was the best expensive meal I've had in a while :)

we walked up and down this strip every night after dinner.
window shopped and actually shopped

we had to do a sunrise hike.

one of my favorite pictures. I love the sky!!

north and south window.

together by north and south window. :)

our trip was so nice and so relaxing.
just what I needed, as most of you know i stress out so much.

this was such a perfect anniversary
because as they say,
there are specific moments that are defined by
how much things are never the same after you pass through them.
so cheers to us for making the first year

and cheers to starting round 2.

and things will never be the same anyway. :)

Lamp of Learning

The College of Nursing hosts an annual induction ceremony
that's comparable to the medical students white coat cereemony

above is diana, christie and I in line to get inducted :)

thumbs up, always :)
and Diana is always such a goof :)

these two individuals put a really nice inducation pin over me :)
note about this pin:
my husband is super bitter about it! haha
this is what he says:
"I pay so much freaking money for that school
and I get a cheap plastic pin for graduation,
you are getting paid to go to school
and you get a METAL pin for STARTING!!!!"
you can ask him about it,
don't worry, he'll be just as bitter :) 

Mikyla and I!!!
the sweetest girl in the entire world!
we were chem partners way back when I was a freshman!
now we're both in nursing school!
and also, she's engaged!!!! :)

diana, christie (and her little nugget, dylan) and I
hottest girls that night!!

my cute family and I at the induction
randy, julie, jeremy, liana, mom, wan-yu, and dad :)

ps. note how handsome Jeremy looks???
and also how Jeremy and Randy match??? ha

in the car.
I kinda felt like we were going on a date
with our parents driving us, chaperoning. haha

cute parents at dinner :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

oh, and believe it or not?

we are moving out of this storage unit in t-25 days.
or less.

calling all supporters/fans/stalkers!

The 5 of you who read this blog probably already know that I'm in nursing school. What you may not know is that my cute little clinical group has started a blog of our own.

Follow us to stay updated! ...or just to show us some support and love. There's mostly just a ton of fun pictures, because you know us nursing students do crazy things!

Liana :)