Saturday, August 20, 2011


so......... if you haven't heard, I ran a marathon today!
I also blogged about it on my running blog.

the end!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

stress relievers

not sure if it's because something that's only suppose to last a week has now been dragged to over three weeks, but I've been having a rough few weeks.

for those who haven't heard, we didn't get the house mentioned in my previous post. Long story short, the lady who owned the house couldn't get into the house she wanted. good thing we wasted all our time negociating counteroffers and agreeing a price. sorry for jumping the gun everyone!!! we'll get there soon!

so with house hunting and finals (well just my one final, I guess) and work and my marathon training and other random stuff, I have had much more hair fall out than normal.

this weekend, however, my sweet husband took me on our first camping trip.

we did all the fun stuff and played games and slept in until there was sun outside. I turned my phone off and we hiked (a little). We set up our cute little tent and built a fire and cooked!! Good thing we have such good friends in the Piepers and had such a blast. I could go camping every weekend.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

just estatic

we are a little excited...

because we are finally buying a home!!
under contract, we are!!!
this sweet little thing is going to be our first home of our own together

and I'm already decorating it up in my head.

congrats to us!