Monday, September 29, 2014

summer for the bodtchers

swimming and cuddling too// millie helping the youth pick up sponges at their mutual activity// lazy nap days// bike riding with daddy// ava lillie's baptism// love getting pictures like this when I'm at work!// love me some daddy on father's day// love how big my man is and love how tiny my girl is// little owie and bandaid// walk-about to talk about temples// in heaven with two little babes in my arms// millie loves her cousin, baby hadley! (whenever I ask her if she's excited to get a baby sister, she says, "like baby hadley?")

little 13 week bump// running the ragnar at 14 weeks pregnant// my nakey nakey girl swimming// going crossed eyed from some delicious ice cream// at travy's swearing in to the national guard// swimming with WEMINGTON and POHEN// walking to church with our new giraffe backpack// first day of school and a little unsure// kohen and amelia playing a little round of badmitton// scarlett's fetal heart tones measuring right up to 147// "daddy, want some!"// baking some cinnamon rolls for mommy's visiting teachees.

our little trip to yellowstone in may// we were so excited to meet babe scarlett via ultrasound for the first time// temple night for my jer and I// eye patches for us pirates!// love me some lani's// all dressed up for amy and casey's wedding// ogden temple open house// millie babe riding da horseys with kohen and can't stop smiling// my girl finally got the guts to go down the big slide by herself this summer, and she can't stop talking about it!// her little footprint// can I say that I can't WAIT to match my girls??// starting on our halloween costumes, one can never be over-prepared!

Monday, September 22, 2014


Dear Scarlett,

We've been feeling  r e a l l y  good lately, and just in time for fall and all my favorite holidays too! I'm grateful to just enjoy this time, feeling you kick kick away without any claustrophobia! Goodness, I dare say this is my favorite stage of pregnancy. We're trying to get back into regular exercise and healthy eating to make up for the past several weeks, hang in there with me!

The Ogden Temple re-dedication was this Sunday, and although I thought it was a little bit tricky for young families to attend (we had a sweet beehive come watch Amelia), I'm so happy that I got to spend a couple hours with your dad! It was a different feeling, sitting in church like we were newlyweds-- almost felt like a date! Dad and I rubbed each other's backs and were able to really focus on the words and the spirit. I couldn't help but think about you (especially with you turning somersaults...), and how grateful I am that you're joining our family, and how blessed I am I get this family for eternity. I'm truly so thankful we have temples so close. I hope I say that often as you grow up so you really know how important this is to me. It's tricky, because daily distractions often get in the way... But I hope you realize that you are my whole world. And the gospel makes perfect sense with temples and the sealing power and forever families at the center of it. I love you!

I was looking through old pictures this week and came across some bump pictures with my pregnancy with Amelia. I remembered how happy I was and chuckled to myself, thinking I had no idea where this journey would lead me. I scrolled through Amelia's newborn and baby pictures, playing on the floor, in St. George, funny faces, learning to sit up and crawl. My faces in those pictures were round and a bit swollen, and gradually slimmed as Amelia grew, but I was still so happy. I kept scrolling, thinking, "gosh, I really had no idea what was lying ahead of me..." And although I am the happiest I've ever been, I have a strange feeling that I truly have no idea what life is going to be like when you come. I'm sure I'll lose myself in the exhaustion and facilitating Amelia's initiation into big-sisterhood, but I'm also sure I'll be so happy. There will be lots of tears, but I'm sure my heart will be so swollen. I daydream about it all too often.

happy I get to cook you for only another 14 weeks,
loves, mom

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Dear Scarlett,

My goodness, you are sure active.
kick kick kick kick kick kick rollllllllllllllllllllll kick kick!
I love your sweet reminders!

We have been trying to get Amelia use to the idea of being a big sister-- you know she's an only child right now and doesn't really know what that's like yet? We tell her about you all the time, and how exciting it will be to have a new best friend forever. Last week, we took Amelia to a big sibling class and she had so much fun learning new rules, to change a diaper, swaddle and feed a baby, and where you and I will have a sleepover in the hospital when you come. I think she'll be a great helper when you come!

I've been feeling a little restless these days-- the nesting stage may have hit? I went to home depot and hobby lobby earlier this week to buy materials for a new headboard. I'm hoping it will be completed before the week is over! I'm also knee-deep in plans for a baby shower I'm throwing one of my friends due in November! We have family pictures next week, and I'm not sure our outfits coordinate as well as I would like. Oh, the silly things moms stress about-- Good thing I have you to keep me company at night after Daddy falls asleep!

Last night, I was wide awake while Daddy was in a deep sleep. I made some kissy noises, and Daddy jumped a mile. I snickered a little, and did it again. Daddy moaned and groggily asked "whattttttt..." I couldn't stop giggling. It's moments like these that I'm bursting with happiness and love for your Dad. You'll learn soon that he puts up with a lot and works so hard too!

These weeks are flying by and I can't believe there's only 15 weeks before you're here! 
I love you so much and we can't wait!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Dear Scarlett,

There's only less than 16 weeks until your arrival! Wow! Since I'm a huge list maker, I've made a little to-do list before that day comes:

sell desk & aquarium
paint nursery
order/assemble crib & changing table/dresser
sort through baby clothes/ rewash and organize
make a mobile?
ready a diaper bag
clean the carrier carseat
big sister gift to Amelia from Scarlett
order solly baby wrap
newborn diapers
set up bassinet

There doesn't seem like much, but I'm sure I'm forgetting a few minor things. Luckily I feel so much more calm with you being my second babe. I just know the next three months are going to fly by with all our holidays and plans! Here's what's coming up:

26 week prenatal appointment
Mommy and Daddy's 4 year wedding anniversary
family pictures?
Mommy's birthday (and birthday month!)
30 week prenatal appointment
pumpkin picking + pumpkin carving
Temple lights + gingerbread houses + zoo lights + matching Christmas pj's

(of course we'll have prenatal appointments for weeks 32, 34, 36, 37, 38, 39, and 40, but I figured it might be a little tedious to list!) and then boom, you'll be in my arms before I know it. Times flies when you're having fun, and we're going to have a blast through this fall and winter.

We all love you and can't wait for you!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

life is but a dream

I realllllllllly wanted take advantage of my hefty HOA fees and go out on daybreak lake before everything shut down after labor day. We planned for it all summer, but kept getting side-tracked. Turns out Jeremy didn't want to take his pregnant wife and rambunctious toddler out to an open area of water. Luckily, I make a pretty great asian persuasion and we got out in just the nick of time (like three days before labor day). Amelia sang "row your bow" the whole time and asked us if the ducks were sleeping and tried to reach for/drink the water on both sides. I sure love this simple life of mine. I can't believe Amelia will be 3 years old and Scarlett will be 6 months old by next summer! I hope we're able to come as a family again before we move out of daybreak!


ogden temple open house

We love to see the temple around here-- Amelia asks for "temple night please?" regularly because she loves to walk around the temple grounds. Needless to say, we were pretty excited for our reservation for the Ogden Temple open house. Jeremy got home early and we rushed up! Last time we drove by, it was heavily under construction but still had a majestic presence. Amelia loved yelling "temple! temple!" during video presentation of the many temples around the world; she also loved singing "the temple song" during our tour and pointing out Jesus in all the pictures. Scarlett and I loved the 57 levels of stairs we had to climb up, and Jer loved wrestling Amelia away from "swimming!" in the baptismal font. Truly though, I'm grateful for so many temples that are readily available for me to be close to my Heavenly Father. I'm grateful for the open houses, where I can show my children where covenants and forever families are made. I'm grateful for my husband and my own forever family I get to keep for eternity.

PS. Aren't those little white booties the cutest? It about killed me when they put them on Amelia.

Monday, September 8, 2014


Hi babe,
I love you so.
I love that I can feel you kicking kicking kicking all day long.
I love that I can feel you in two places at once now.
I love dreaming about life when you get here
and I get to stare in your eyes
and I get to smell your heavenly scent
and I get to stroke your soft cheeks
and I get to kiss your sweet lips
and I get to hold your little hands.
I can't wait to watch your daddy slave away after you,
his second little princess.
I can't wait to watch Amelia meet you,
her bestie from two and a half years ago.
I can't wait to watch your grandparents spoil you,
their sweet angel we've all been awaiting.
I can't wait,
my precious little growing miracle.
You are my sleepless nights,
You are my tiny bladder,
You are my stretching abdomen,
You are my worrisome mind,
You are my working hands,
You are my beating heart.
I love you so.
You are my whole world,