my bucket list

in no particular order::

1. travel to and within Europe.
2. serve as a proxy in all thirteen temples in Utah.
3. run a marathon.
4. graduate college.
5. be a labor and delivery nurse.
6. skydive.
7. read the book of Mormon to each of my children.
8. read the entire standard works.
9. serve a full-time lds mission.
10. skinny dip.
11. visit Jerusalem.
12. see IMDB’s top 100 movies.
13. graduate from graduate school.
14. take a vacation on the next flight out.
15. save a life.
16. ride an elephant.
17. write a love song for the love of my life.
18. prepare a six course meal for a dinner party.
19. get a picture with Taylor Swift.
20. forgive someone, when it’s really hard.
21. become a triathlete.
22. learn to say hello in thirty languages.
23. have a picnic in a hot air balloon.
24. climb Mount Everest.
25. live in a foreign country for six months.
26. leave a padlock on Lover’s Bridge in Paris.
27. grow my own vegetables for an entire summer.
28. buy something beautiful without looking at the price tag.
29. make a quilt for each of my grandchildren.
30. be debt-free.
31. build my dream home.
32. get a new year’s kiss at Time’s Square.
33. visit each of the fifty states.
34. teach a class in the community.
35. build a tree-house.
36. parasail.
37. write something in wet cement.
38. reach my goal weight
39. change my last name for a boy.
40. wear a beautiful white dress and get married in the temple.
41. be called mommy by lots of babies and raise them into beautiful, independent adults.
42. slow dance with a boy on our 50th wedding anniversary.
43. finish an ironman race.

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