Sunday, March 26, 2017


dear evelyn,

our family went to moab this weekend and we had so much fun. daddy and i went there for our honeymoon and our first anniversary, and all those memories came flooding back. it seems that every time we visit, change is approaching and i'm about to grow and stretch. our first visit was our sweet honeymoon; daddy and i had to learn to compromise and grow together, but change was welcome and it was a fairly easy transition. a year later, we returned for our first anniversary and found out big sis amelia was on her way; i felt ill-prepared to wear all the hats a mother does and was terrified to say the least. daddy told me how excited he was to be a dad, and promised me everything would be okay. six years later, we're back again; this time growing our third a baby, a 25 weeker, you! most days, i feel so ready for this growth and change. some moments, i feel overwhelmed and incapable. at the end of the day, i feel peace; that i'm raising my family the best i can, that i'm setting an example i hope is good enough, that i'm teaching enough and that my children feel loved enough. and daddy is still right by my side, promising that everything will be okay. so much better than just okay, too.

you've been moving and kicking like crazy these days-- i love your constant nudges. i felt you in two places at once for the first time this week. scarlett felt you move multiple times while she was cuddling me, but amelia is still waiting for her turn!

we love you so much
(especially me),

Sunday, March 19, 2017


dear evelyn,

this week has been pretty easy-going for us! we had to work two nights in a row (the second night was only a half shift though) and that has reminded me how thankful i am to not be working full time nights with this pregnancy. spring has sprung, and this week we went to the daybreak food truck roundup and also took your sisters to the "beach" with their swimsuits! we're so excited for this weather! amelia had kindergarden orientation and also her last soccer game for the winter season (please don't grow up as fast as she did!). scarlett has been understanding better why i can't carry her around anymore, but also requests to be carried/held by everyone else as often as possible. she loves you, and talks about you often; this week she approached me and kissed you (my belly) and said "baby evelyn" without any prompting from me. daddy *saw* you kick so it looks like you're getting stronger, though your sisters have yet to feel you. daddy is constantly looking at car listings and it feels like we're constantly on test-driving dates; we just want to be ready for you! we're excited for our family trip this week; it should be a fun weekend of sleepless nights and adventures!

love you so,

Monday, March 13, 2017


dear evelyn,

it seems that there's been a physically noticeable change from last week to this one. i'm feeling the aches and pains in my back and joints and i can feel the swelling in body. i no longer fit into my wedding ring, so i've changed over to my special band that is a little bigger and my belly button is working it's way out to be in outie! more and more people have been making comments about my pregnancy and i'm trying to stay positive. because truly, i get to house and grow your body, which is such a high privilege that i know so many yearn to be blessed with. i've been determined to keep our bodies healthy by exercising five times a week with my high-intensity workout videos. since the weather has warmed up, your older sisters and i have started walking to, around, and back from the lake-- amelia has built up to 2 miles, and i think we're going to run murray's independence day 5k this summer! i'm glad i have motivation to set a good example for, you girls truly have made me a better human that i've ever been before. daddy has been allowing me to nap every saturday, which is such a saving grace to my sanity. he works so hard to support and provide for our family and he also spends so much of his free time looking for a car and a house that will fit our growing family; i feel so blessed to have a man who takes his husbandly and fatherly roles so seriously. i've also been cancelled from work for the last 3 weeks, which has been surprising in this spring season, but i'm grateful for the extra rest and time with my family.

although this week has been challenging, it's clear where we have been blessed. my troubles truly are few and so insignificant compared to the troubles of the world. these days, i'm working hard on being kind and serving others, being a constant example as a mother, rising above (or possibly just avoiding) negativity, and just being happy.

you've been moving a bit less this week, and amelia's getting a little impatient with you. we read that your skeletal structure is developing and your kicks should be noticeably stronger in the coming weeks. we can't wait!

love you love you!

Sunday, March 5, 2017


dear evie,

it's been a good week! just feeling blessed and lucky to be a mom, and also overwhelmed with normal life. you know (or maybe you will when you're a mom). dad felt you kick for the first time this week-- we were sitting quietly talking one night and you gave him two hard kicks, and the rest is history! your sweet sisters kiss you good night and good morning every day, amelia always says "hi evelyn, it's millie, i love you!"

we went to home depot's diy workshop for the first time this month and your sisters loved it! i loved watching your dad helping them with tools, and i'm pretty sure there was steam coming off of him! hahahaha! i love imagining you joining our family and running around with the girls. i could see daddy taking a turn helping you hammer in your project and you playing games with us in the playroom and you taking your first steps in our home and you in your infant carseat in the new cars we test drove. i just see you in everything we do.

i love you,