Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You are the best part of being Mrs. Bodtcher

I have stopped writing before-
so carefully concealing my thoughts away,
in hopes to avoid another heartbreak.
With all my ambition buried,
you were the last thing I could imagine.

I use to go to strange places
so I could be enfolded
in strange sounds, strange views, strange smells, strangers.
With the emotions lacking of sensation,
youth didn’t seem so hard to let go.

If I could clarify to you what it felt like,
so you would understand
in complete detail, I would.
Without any hopes or aspirations or desires,
you just forget how to put on a pretty face.

I use to be
so surrounded
in a hundred different immense emotions,
within this diminutive character.
You could say all I wanted was goodbye.

I adore the sense of change
so much, because it reminds me of second chances.
In the sense that all can be forgiven
with forgiveness, sympathy, and compassion,
your essence grows from challenges.

I love the warmth from the sun, and the feelings of
soft embrace and surprises and safety,
infinite and unconditional respect.
without a doubt,
you make me feel all these things and more.

I wish I could convey to
someone, anyone, maybe everyone
in train or on a bus,
with or without green eggs and ham, how
you placed together all my puzzle pieces.

I have struggled and skirmished
so to find some kind of flaw
in your flawless perfection.
Without being too demanding,
You said “believe.”

I wanted everything to do with you,
so I believed
in all your words, and thoughts, and dreams.
With sincere words,
you confessed,

“I can’t imagine where I’d be without you
so please take my hand, and let’s run
into the glowing sunset
with intentions of never looking back;
You are the best thing that’s ever been mine”

I’m brought to my knees,
So grateful for all you’ve helped me see.
Inspiration pulses through my arteries,
with deliverance from

I have this faith,
so strong and sure
in everything to do with eternity

I know it’s silly, but
sometimes my thoughts are formed
in concerns of you forgetting.
With frequent promptings, I hope
you never fail to remember that

in love

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