Monday, October 17, 2016

september for the bodtchers

(we love oquirrh lake)

(amelia chasing daddy)

(we hosted a barbecue for labor day and invited the bodtchers. the girls loved watching dad grill and eating their creamies)

(the latest i've ever started on halloween costumes. maybe i was hoping amelia might change her mind and agree to my vote for star wars themed costumes)

(melissa gave me a short lesson on how to trim hair, and i put what i learned to good use!)

(scarlett and amelia practing their bridges)

(scarlett always puts her nametag on upside-down. even when i hand it to her right-side-up.)

(carrying her trick-or-treat basket like a purse)

(my sweet mom making all my costume dreams come true)

(jeremy being jeremy)

(homemade fries and frysauce were a hit!)

(they love each other)

(amelia wedged herself between amelia and the girl in pink, even though there was clearly no room)

(love that scarlett loves to be part of all of amelia's pictures)
(lemonade for sale during the daybreak community sale)

(amelia's first tithing slip. $1 for the $10 she earned from selling lemonade)

(just a little origami for mommy and millie time)

(cheers to "ah-ma's yogurt")

(amelia taking a picture for her crazy hat day, but scarlett is pretty adorable too.)

(amelia earned a night out for dinner, and of course she picked red robin)