Monday, February 21, 2011

[day 5] a picture of somewhere you've been to

Last March, Jeremy and I went to Zions.
I'm not sure who knows this, but
I really like to be outdoors

natually, I was so excited to be hiking with the love of my life.
even though, (I guess) we didn't make it to the top of
Angel's Landing.
This view right here was beautiful.

This is Jeremy's favorite picture of the whole trip
and this view was amazing too.

we both need to get back in shape
so we don't kill over
when we do all this hiking again this year too.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

golf [check out my sweet hand]

[day 20] someone you see yourself marrying or being with in the future

so today, I have decided I am going to copy the 30 day challenge thingy I've seen going around. Unfortunately, I will be blogging the ones that are on my mind and actually interesting, so the days will actually not be in order.

I chose day twenty because it's simple and easy. You all know our/my blog title, you all know who's the most important person in my life. (it's Jeremy, in case there was in confusion). anyways I could blab on and on about jeremy, because there are so many things to say about him. we are really on the same wavelength (most of the time) and I love that we are so crazy and alike (even though you wouldn't believe it with Jeremy).

but I also wanted to write about our proposal story. My side of it.
I remember a lot of people asking about it last July, and I never really got around to writing it down. a lot of it really makes me laugh, and it gets me bubbly remembering it, because I loved it so much! :) disclaimer* knowing me and my obsession with details, this will probably be very long.

So to set the scene, Jbaby proposed on Saturday, July 3rd of last year.

On Thursday, Jeremy worked a 6-2 shift and I had school in the morning. I had decided to stay at the marriott library to catch up on some studying afterwards. We were avid text-partners at that time, and I assume when jeremy stopped texting back around 2, it was because he went home and fell asleep. anyway, I get over to his house around 4:30ish, run up to his bedroom because I'm so excited to see him........... and he's not there. He's. not. there. I get myself calm until I find his truck isn't under his big white tent. and then I'm freaking out. I know it's silly but, I'm thinking he got in some major accident on his way back from work, because Jeremy NEVER randomly stops texting me. so I'm calling him... no answer. calling him... no answer. calling him... running to my car, speeding down his neighborhood, driving the route I know to work. Suddenly, jeremy then texts me, "hey babe, sorry they asked me to stay late at work until 4 or so." Oh! okay! no problem! no suspiscions what-so-ever! I'm playing Barbie with Jeremy's normal niece and his CRAZY niece when he comes home with his sister, Melissa. again, no suspiscions, just so trusting and happy to see my lover! (they were picking out the ring, and apparently they had even made up a cover-up story because jeremy was so paranoid I would ruin his surprise).

So the next day, Friday, jeremy is working another 6-2 shift. and I'm at the Bodtcher house again. while I'm napping, Melissa comes in and corners me about what my dream proposal is. Obviously, I hadn't thought this through at the point, so we'll skip the awkward conversation. Jeremy takes forever to get home again (picking up the ring) and tells me report just took forever.......... (right). Later that evening, Melissa tells me I have to do my hair cute and stresses the importance of pictures for the 5k the next day (this is really stressing me out because my hair always looks awful when I'm running). She also tells me hypothetically if Kellen (her fiance) ditches her and if Jeremy ditches me, that I have to run with her (because I like to sprint the last yards any race). Which I'm blowing off, because jeremy never ditches me when we run. His dad is also dropping huge hints like "Jeremy... so are you nervous for tomorrow?" and really, I didn't pick up on a thing... I really didn't think anything was out of the ordinary, while all around me there was this SECRET!!!!!!!

so come saturday. we get up fresh and early for the run (this makes me smile, because I guess Jeremy hardly slept, imagining the different ways he's propose). I don't notice Jeremy acting weird, or extra quiet, or super nervous (like how guys apparently normally act before they propose?) but anyway, we start the race... we're running together... we hit mile one, and out of nowhere, Jeremy ditches me and takes off.............................. so I'm trying not to be upset, but yes, I'm a little upset that now, I'm in a mass sea of strangers all by myself and it's stressing me out (okay, not really). But I start jogging really slow, and the last 2.1 miles by myself felt like it took forever, because I'm thinking about everything i was going to say to jeremy after the run (haha). Anyways, I get to the end, and I see Jeremy at the sidelines... waving me over. yeah, I totally ignored him (haha). then he's waving me over frantically, so I stomp over to him, and before I can say anything, he gets down on one knee and with an opened ring box.

the next split second felt like a few seconds actually, because I remember going deaf and my vision focusing in on just J. and the next thing I know I'm screaming and tackling him and screaming and.... just screaming. (and jeremy stands up at this point, which I was confused about). He asked me "is that a yes then?" and I was so shaken up, I don't think I remember my response? apparently it was affirmative, because I finished the race with a ring on my finger, and a fiance by my side.

(*credits to emily vorwaller)

so anyway. long story short, he proposed, and i said yes. (kinda) Probably the most eventful 3rd of July I've had in my life.

I just wanted to say that one of the things I love about Jeremy is that considers my preferences and my feelings and me all the time. I love that he knows that I love surprises and that I loved my surprise proposal. I love that he always made it (and still makes it) so easy to see that we're soulmates.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

what is love?

Okay. Some people Valentine's Day is super overrated
and don't think it's that big of a holiday.
Maybe that's true,
but I am so glad for the excuse to celebrate us as a couple
I get a little overexcited sometimes and gave Jeremy all his v-day surprises
before the date.

So yesterday, the surprises were all Jeremy's.
We had work and school in the morning.
so come 5-thirty p.m.,
I get home,
throw all my essentials into my duffel bag,
run into the shower,
and got ready in about half an hour.

We went to Buca de Peppo's for dinner, dress-up style.
I love it when we match.

This is with the cute peeing statue right by our table! ha!!
Our vallet guy was hillarious.
He had this scrambling run that he did everywhere,
like when he was in the middle of talking to Jeremy,
and he just scramble-ran away...... the other side to get my door, apparently.
we couldn't stop laughing.

We could be in high school- going to a sweethearts dance
I'm so in love with this boy.

On the drive up to my "surprise,"
he asked if I was falling asleep,
and I said "no,
just thinking...
about how you're perfect for me in every way"
(it was a long list)

(HAHA this picture is perfect for how crazy we are.
I love the picture of
my back and
my dress and
Jeremy's face )

We drove for around park city in circles
for what seemed like forever
because of mapquest's lack of assistance.
Jeremy called his mom
and we found our way to this:

This is a FULL OUT kitchen in our ROOM!!
yes, there is a fridge, microwave, dishwasher, sink, and stove.
Inside the cabinets were
a blender, toaster, pans, pots, etc. etc.

In our bathroom was
dreamy white towel-robes waiting for us,
along with a HUGE glass shower
and a full-sized tub fitting for both Jer and I

Here we are, living the dream.

here's the steamy shower ;) haha!

next to our bed,
there was a fireplace
-so romantic and dreamy :)

Jeremy also brought sparkling cider
and we toasted to us, now and forever.
note the coffee-table thingy that folds out to a table
and fits blankets and pillows and whatever you want in it.
(we're not sure what the name for it is,
but we will get one for our dream house!)

I wasn't sure if this would be flagged for inappropriate,
but I'll take this off if everyone has complaints.
The only comment I had on this was:
Jeremy has good taste!! ;)

oh Yes, there was a personal hot tub on our deck.
I was telling my SIL, Melissa the only time I've ever been skinny dipping
was last night (haha).

We have definitely taken a lot of note of
the style and design of this hotel
for our dream house.
and the hottub on the deck dealy is definitely one of them.

and so so sad.

Jeremy and I drove around for an hour
trying to find a place for breakfast.
(he said I was getting a little snappy towards the end because I was so hungry)
but this is the frog I kissed.
turns out,
I've had my prince with me all along!

We drove up from park city
to Heber,
just to say we've been there.
and on the way,
we found this baby.

I think it is soooooooo hot.
we were seriously considering for about two minutes.
(We might still call the guy,
but we're probably not considering it
as seriously now).

Jeremy also took me on a shopping spree.
I got a new bag (of course),
and some new crocs for work,
some new clothes for the two of us.

So, whether it's a big day most people or not,
I love that we got to spend it with each other.
I love that I could get dolled up and dressed up for my special man.
I love that he thinks so much about me
and he remembers how much I love surprises.
I loved our hotel room-
just to relax and make new memories with.
I love that Jeremy is so patient and getting better at going shopping with me.
I love that even though we're back,
he's still being so sweet to me
getting dinner ready for me.

I love that I married my best friend
and that we both love celebrating Valentines in a big special way. :)