Tuesday, May 31, 2011

my birthday boy

I'm a little behind on blogging,
but May 21st my Jeremy turned... a certain age.
and here are our documents of the big day :)

the surprise display he came home to after working a grave.
(I worked until 4 in the morning for this)

hard to read,
but the plaque says
"You are the best part about being Mrs. Bodtcher"

a resident at my works loves to draw cars and designs.
and so we have Jer's '69 chevelle my random hot pink convertible

totally made these bulletin boards
because we need them badly to hang all our random stuff
and I stuffed them with reasons why I love Jeremy
(note. they are on our wedding thank you cards.
we had a million leftover
now we just write notes to each other on them

Jeremy having his awkward "examining his presents" moment
not pictured gifts include 2 books, a tie, and random bubble stuff
(that apparently my sister in law bought for my nieces for their birthdays
made me feel pretty unobservant haha) 

pretty much....... I make the best homemade cake
it's double layered.

and also the best homemade fet. alfredo
Jeremy looks happy and full :)

this is seriously his biggest gift.
it took me like 3 months to make it.
I was always sneaking away to "do crafts" with my friend Gabbie
(making this blanket)
and Jer later told me he was like... so I was confused because you never brought home anything!

and of course dinner with the whole famdamily.
missing a few people.
pretty disappointed that Olive Garden doesn't do a free cake for birthday people.
here is a picture of collette and I
pretending we're randy.
haha we're pretty funny.

feel free to always ignore my sky pictures.
I'm just addicted to the way they look.

on a completely different note:

I can now do super splits again.

and also, I have a stalker. apparently?
thoughts: pretty flattered.

more on this topic later though. :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

to lander, whyOHmen

first of many pictures

travis wearing my girly sunglasses haha.

out to the pizza place (note Julie trying to duck away)

I have a love affair with the sky

Julie + Ava= love (very blurry)

we're sisters

abi + ava with their favorite aunt :)

haha em this is for you to save
(ava's face)

the cute girls after their wonderful performance

ava just walking around with her flowers

"oh look! it's another deer!!!" (no way!)

Jeremy was doing this most of the trip
(too much work :( )

another beautiful sky picture

for the girls' birthday celebration

this doesn't seem real, does it?

the boys and thier love affair with deer (?)

the lovebirds

Randy + Julie

lots of macking

"loaf n' jug" haha

my, I just can't compare can I?

lunch at gannett grill before heading back :)

miss you vorwaller clan!

My first 10k

May 14th, 2011
10k/ 6.2 miles
Liberty Park

the last stretch

time: 71.42 minutes

always my biggest fan. :)

these nights:

i've never heard silence quite this loud
and i’m not sure how to manage your smothering absence.
as time wears on
and i'm trying to get some rest before dawn,
it’s a shattering realization
how vacant this life would feel without you.
i can’t stop crying
and i would be lying
if i said i was excited
for this new employment,
the big paycheck,
our new house.

because i’m not.
i hate your job for robbing me of
and it probably sounds dramatic
for where the blame is directed.

but i haven’t felt this
depleted, dwindling, minimal, uncomforted, miserable, dejected
in a long long time.
and the black hole scares me.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

sundresses mean summer

as some of you know,
I've always wished that I could sew
and make my own sundresses
(and etc.)

I have a very good friend, Michelle :)
who sews wonderfully
and is also a great and patient teacher.

on a dreary sunday night,
when Jeremy worked an awful grave shift,
we labored from 8 until 4 in the morn,
and produced this:

I don't think I've ever been
so excited and so tired
at the same time.

Who woulda thought
little miss liana
can now make her own clothes?

I have a new goal

in 60 days, I will tell you if I followed through. :)