Monday, November 28, 2016


dear babe,
if i'm being honest, this week has been pretty difficult. the nausea has set in and we're puking multiple times every day. i'm so hungry, but simultaneously so hesitant to eat from fear of vomiting again. i'm riding on the hope that: this too shall pass, and i'll have a wonderful gift at the end: you. thanksgiving just passed and christmas is on its way; the holidays are another reminder of why i'm so grateful to be a mother. cheers to these wonderful years that i get to keep you babies close; i try so hard to hold on them them, even through the tantrums, the drama, the puking. something tells me that these are the moments that will define my life, my motherhood; and i'm trying not to let them pass me by. my baby app tells me you're the size of a raspberry, growing in my orange-sized uterus. there's definitely room for you to grow, but i think it's almost time for me to switch over to maternity jeans. my heart yearns for me to hold you and meet you, but my patience has grown with experience-- i feel steady and unrushed to grow you until the time is right. i'm sure next summer will be unforgettable.

Sunday, November 20, 2016


Hi babe,

This week has been fairly good. After the pain from cyst subsided, I've been able to continue exercising and eating with minimal nausea and discomfort. I'm thankful! Daddy and your uncles put up beautiful white christmas lights this week, and we are in love! I spend most my days looking forward to a nap as soon as dad comes home to relieve me, emptying my bladder every 10 minutes, and having difficulty finding middle ground between starving and nausea. Still, I'm so grateful for this pregnancy and to be growing you. Your big sisters mention you everyday and we're all so excited for your presence.


Monday, November 14, 2016

4, 5, 6

dear baby,

daddy and i just found out you are on your way just yesterday-- we were so surprised and we couldn't be more excited! we've been hoping and praying for you and know you'll complete our family perfectly. you are the first baby we haven't decided on a name right at the start, but i know we have some time. dad and i are excited for you, regardless of you being a boy or girl... the only one who seems to have an opinion is amelia-- she reeeeeeeeeeally hopes you are her baby brother, she's been begging for one for almost a year now! scarlett has been obsessed with babies wherever we go for months now, i'm sure she's excited to meet you too. i'm so happy and grateful to be growing you, and i love you so, so very much.


dear babe,

we've had a good week-- thanks for allowing me to eat and exercise again! let's just continue this for the rest of our growing time, yeah? i spilled the beans to amelia, and she informed me that there are TWO baby brothers in my belly, one named carson, and the other named turtle. i spilled the beans to scarlett by pointing to my belly and saying "baby," and she responded by pointing to my breasts and saying "side." she's having a hard time weaning and giving up her "side" to her baby sibling. dad has finally taken a side, and thinks you're a girl. we're excited for our first appointment to meet you on december 2nd (almost another 4 weeks away).


dear babe,
(yes, we know there's just one of you now because) we had an ultrasound for you today! because i was taking clomid to assist in conceiving you, having multiples was a real possibility. i was in a lot of pain and feeling lightheaded and nauseated yesterday that the doctor recommended an early ultrasound today. turns out it's just a huge cyst (okay, just 1-2 inches) growing on my left ovary causing of all these symptoms. dad and i were both so happy to know you were safe and sound, and we'll never complain about seeing you via ultrasound. we didn't get to hear your heartbeat, as you're still so tiny, but we'll try again in a few weeks for our first appointment. i showed amelia your picture and she thinks you need to grow a little bigger; she's also decided that's she's okay if you're a baby sister. life is good.

love you so much,

Thursday, November 3, 2016

october for the bodtchers

 tv zombies for general conference
comparing slurpie tongues

 scarlett copies everything amelia does...
including, but not limited to, when she's practicing for tumbling and dance
"hey, where's the drums?" 

 love this scene.
 scarlett's favorite spot while i workout

 one-legged bridge. i'm so proud of this girl and how hard she works!

 pondering when amelia and i should start harry potter.
 but she'd rather gaze at a frozen castle anyway...
 noodles day at noodles!

 scarlett in amelia's clothes that she wore when scarlett was a newborn... broke my heart a little.

 love these crazies
 no, scarlett can't ride a balance bike yet, but she definitely love trying.
 my little blondie scarlett
 busted by amelia. yes, i fell asleep and she took a picture of me.

 slurpie for amelia's goals on the saturday of our anniversary
 starting set 7 (grade level 2.7-3.0)
 they loved to sit on j's shoeboxes

 draper city's haunted hallow... amelia refused to take a picture with these princess because they weren't elsa.
 scarlett mastered riding amelia's scooter.
 came out of the shower to this sweet sight.

 cutting in all 4 canines, the last of her teeth

 scarlett and her besties, indie and arianna
 and me with indie's baby sister, birdie. HASHTAG: BABY HUNGRY

 the girls love their pumpkin-olaf
 feeding the ducks one last time before they all fly south

and apparently, all my insta-story pics didn't want to upload chronologically-intermixed with my other pictures... so here ya go:

 cutest "giraffe" in the world! -- jeremy bodtcher