Wednesday, February 15, 2017

18 + 19

dear evelyn,

we're almost 20 weeks (halfway!) as i type this, and i'm sorry that i've been hitting a writing block with my letters. i think about you frequently as i watch your sisters grow, play, learn, love. it's so interesting being a mom and feeling every emotion in the entire day. i can feel like pulling my hair out from your sisters fighting and/or being smart-alecks one minute and then have my heart melt/swell with pride watching them do something the next. it's incredible. hope you know how i love you so.

so many friends have been asking how i'm feeling lately, and i can honestly say: so great! this is probably the easiest pregnancy i've had so far. i think amelia's pregnancy was a little harder and scarlett's pregnancy was by far the worst. but i think it's only fair that i disclose that i was working full time nights and taking care of a 2 year old toddler during scarlett's pregnancy. and between nursing school and working part time, i was on my feet 40 hours a week during amelia's pregnancy (but no taking care of anyone else during my time off, so that was a bonus). but with you, i have no school and minimal hours of work, and i spend my days wrangling my babies. which is also hard, but a little easier on my baby-growing body. i feel nausea on and off and probably vomit about once a week (probably around the day(s) i work), but all in all, i still conclude i've been having the easiest time growing you.

amelia has been so into this pregnancy-- she has been telling everyone that she is also pregnant. her preschool teacher told me that she has crawled on the floor saying, "i'm so tired... i'm pregnant!" (i've never done this before for her to model). i started sleeping with a pillow supporting my belly and back this week, and amelia supposedly has too... though she says it hasn't helped her back feel better. i want to cry with laughter with every new detail she provides about "her pregnancy."

love you lots. love feeling you move every single day.
love you!

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