Tuesday, January 31, 2017


dear evie,

we had another appointment and ultrasound this week, and it was sweet seeing you again. you had your legs reclined like you were relaxing. dr. thackeray poked my abdomen to show us where your legs were, and as the indent showed up on the ultrasound machine, you automatically kicked back. love that you're a spitfire! your sisters love your name, and so do we. amelia is named after her dad; they share their middle name 'ray'. scarlett is named after her grandmothers; all three share the name ann/e. you, my little love, are named after me. daddy wanted 'liana', but i found that a little too cheesy and opted for a name more subtle and perhaps more special: 'eve'. i hope to live up to everything a mother should, and i hope you inherit the very best parts of me (and your father). hope you know how special you are to us.

everyone has been talking about my cute bump, so i guess it's truly apparent that we've popped out! i'm starting to feel you more and more often, but i'm so excited for you to grow a little bigger to feel all your rolls and stretches. i'm starting to feel like i've been pregnant forever, even though it's only been 17 weeks. i can't wait for july!

love, mom

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