Thursday, March 31, 2011

[day 2] the meaning behind your blog name and description.

I thought it was very appropriate since I recently completely took over this blog. ah sweet independence! haha. Not really, we all know who was blogging about "the bodtchers." So anyway, "tales of living happily ever after" seemed like such a romantic title because it reminds me of what happens AFTER you get married. As frustrating the learning can be sometimes, it is my most very favoritest part of life. Happily ever after with Jeremy Ray. So here it begins, for the rest of our lives and eternity after that (please don't comment on the eternity part, I already have enough anxiety over it right now). How could you not be so happy when you're this in love?

and of course "by the very newest mrs. bodtcher" - that's me. the last to get married. For those of you who didn't know, the bodtchers had three, yes I repeat three, weddings last summer/fall. all within 9 weeks. and you know what? I loved it! I loved all of our cute weddings. I'd re-do it all over again all the time if I could. :)

Anyways. that's all!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

[day 8] short term goals for this (next) month and why

hmmmmm... haven't blogged for a while since I angrily stormed off in frustration the last time. So here goes:

Short term goals:

1. keep running-
because I like to find an excuse to quit when things get hard,
and because it feels great! :)

2. keep the house clean (haha hahahahaha. hahahaha.)
because I can't think very well in a mess,
because our upstairs roommates have been begging me to not hog the washer and dryer so many times I think we will be evicted soon,
and because it makes me feel better as a housewife.

3. to work on buying less unneeded things.
because someone recently told me "just because something is on sale, doesn't mean you need it,"
because Jeremy and I finally ran out of money on our target giftcard we've been using for the last 6 months (a million sad faces),
and because I'm sick of being shocked and giving my "oh my gosh I'm so shocked" face to the cashier when they tell me what my total is.

4. get a 4.0
because I've never gotten one in college before
and because it's kind of self- explanatory.

5. get into nursing school!!
because it's been one of my goals for a long time, and I find out this month (but it's not like I have very much control over it at this point).

6. eat healthier (this should actually go with keep running, but I brain does loops and loops while I type)
because it all just feels great,
because I don't want anyone to be "detecting a bulge" and thinking I'm pregnant,
because it's harder to have to burn it off than to just eat better,
because I love seeing smaller numbers on the scale,
just because :)

7. having a more positive attitude on life.
because it's the right thing to do,
because it eventually makes me happier and feel better,
and because it reminds me of what I'm grateful for, and it's always good to be humbled.

8. having family night with "the family" every week
because Jer and I hang out all the time anyway, why not make it official?
and because it'll bring us closer to make it offical. :)

9. get cracking on my craft projects.
because my house is exploding with cute things and ideas to rennovate (ie. my 6 shelves, a shadowbox, my gigantic lamp, ribbon for flowers, my dress from the DI, the list goes on!)
and because I love the products :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

today, as I'm reviewing topics on stress and coping for my health psychology class, I got to thinking about what stresses me out in my life. and sometimes I feel like it's literally everything. for some reason I feel like I should start off with things I'm grateful for, because there are plenty, and I also feel like a loser nagging about things I want to complain about. I'm grateful for spiritual experiences every week. for finding new beautiful songs to get addicted to. for musical instruments. for the opportunity and capacity to learn. for emotions. for social support- good friends and family. for warmth- a bed and shelter. I could go on and on. -for never feeling alone anymore.

I guess one of my stressors lately (but kind has been always) is obssessing over other's thoughts and feelings. Something about contention make me feel uneasy... for a long time. I feel like there are so many things to say to you, but only a few of them are mature. I know there's no point in rethinking and replaying things over in my mind because I probably couldn't forgive you or forget what you said to me anyway. Jeremy and I have been married for over five months now, and it's a lot ridiculous that I still have the urge to make things better with you.

so deep down, under my nasty name calling and huge frustration, I'm really only sorry for you being immature and thinking that you should have say in my wedding. I'm sorry for the other friendships I lost because they agreed with you. but what I'm most sorry about is how much time I've wasted on this. I don't feel like I have much control over it though.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

House of the Lord

today, Jeremy and I went to the temple for my very first time. I've been wanting to go for so long, and today finally came. Even though we read and prayed like we're advised to do, I still felt like I was being tempted left and right to not go. but when we got there, it was all worth it. Jeremy came with me to do baptisms, and it felt just as good as I remembered it. It was beautiful and peaceful and everything I imagined. Of course I had to take some pictures for keepsakes reason :)

self timer try number 2.
I really love how this turned out
even though you can't really see us.

of course we had to do a kissy picture
mostly because
we would have squinty eyes otherwise. :)