Sunday, January 8, 2017


dear babe,

we've been feeling pretty good as we head on second trimester-- it's incredible! we had a doctor's appointment with dr. thackeray this week. he told us that my comprehensive ob labs from last month detected an antigen-c antibody. because this wasn't present in my labs from my previous pregnancies and because i haven't had a blood transfusion, we believe that big sis scarlett carries the antigen-c and i was likely sensitized to it when our blood mixed during her delivery. there's a chance you may have the antigen-c, which would cause my body to build up antigen-c antibodies, which could in turn cross over the placenta and attack your red blood cells leaving you anemic. the good news is that ultrasounds checking your blood flow and intrauterine fetal blood transfusions are available with modern medicine, and most mom-baby outcomes are terrific! for now, we are monitoring my antibody titer levels monthly, and so far, it's stayed under control. i'm so grateful and constantly impressed by our advanced healthcare! dr. thackeray also had a harder time trying to find your heartbeat-- he reassured me by telling me we'd go use the ultrasound if needed-- it turns out you are just camping out higher in my abdomen than he expected, at a beautiful 145 bpm! here i was, thinking i'd have a "boring" pregnancy (in the very best way). silly me!

i love you more than any of these letters could ever express.
you're at the very center of my heart and being your mom is my great calling.


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