Thursday, May 11, 2017


dear evelyn,

we're getting down to the wire, and i'm feeling so at peace with your impending arrival. not that i've formally prepared or "nested" so to speak. there are a couple of things that i need to take care of-- getting your bassinet in my room, and all our baby essentials washed and ready, and i think that's about it???? i've purchased a sweet little bonnet and a new swaddle blanket for you, but most of your things will have been handed down from your sisters. on my to-do list still is getting our tdap vaccination-- just to help your passive immunity. (you can't get the tdap vax yourself until 2 months, i think?) anyway, life just moves on, and the weeks are flying by faster than i can keep track! (we're actually 32 weeks tomorrow, and i can't believe we only have 8 weeks to go!)

this next week, your cousin and aunt melissa turn 29 weeks; this is the week that the robbins babes like to jump-start their arrival and usually tend to make us more nervous for their safety. you hang on to your cousin, and tell him or her to stay put with you. have a party up there, and we'll see you guys when you're a little bigger!

love you lots,

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