Monday, May 15, 2017


dear evelyn,

uterine irritability is no joke. that's mainly mostly what's on my mind these days. maybe by the time you're reading this, or pregnant yourself, there will be another term for it... but these contractions aren't just mild braxton hicks. some days, i get by fine; other days, i feel like i'm going to crack and i end my day with tears. i think that remembering that there's still another 7 and a half weeks to go is what is breaking me down. recommendations for these contractions include tylenol, warm baths, and rest. i think i've taken more tylenol for this pregnancy than i have in my entire life combined, and warm baths and rest isn't really an option when i have two other kids. in the end, i remember that you're safe. and i'm so grateful for that, i promise!

yesterday was mother's day, and i cried multiple times in church and from reading cards. i'm so grateful for the opportunity to be a mother-- i know so many who are heartbroken because they aren't as privileged. but being a mom is no joke either! it was nice to be reminded that motherhood and bravery include all the silent, mundane, ordinary moments that aren't all that glamorous... all those moments go into building, growing, nurturing little individuals who grow into themselves and hopefully become successful contributors to society-- someone who is kind and smart, generous and not afraid to ask questions, hardworking and responsible, someone who leads, but can also follow, who loves to laugh and try new things and is not afraid to defend. i hope you know your strengths and that you are proud of yourself, because you are a daughter of a King. i hope you never forget that.

love you more than you'll ever know,

ps. your auntie shelbi is getting married tomorrow! we've been friends since we were 13; and although life is busy, we seem to always pick up where we left off.

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