Wednesday, May 24, 2017


dear evelyn,

we're finally over our cold! life feels so much better sleeping through the night without waking up to blow my nose or drink water. in fact, i think i've slept so soundly that i'm only waking up once a night to pee! it's been a great few days since we've recovered. daddy's birthday was this week-- i think it's so neat that he turned 33 years old the same week you turned 33 weeks! unfortunately, we didn't spoil him like he deserves. he actually woke up with your sisters (letting me sleep in) and also let me get a nap after church. marriage, as you will soon find out, is a lot of compromise and serving each other at different, unexpected times. we had a busy weekend with amelia's dance revue, soccer game, tumbling showcase, and preschool graduation... i think it completely wiped us out! oh whale.

with 7 weeks to go, i feel a little defeated earlier this week. the weather is warming up (actually, i've been roasting a bit), and 7 weeks just felt like an eternity! i've started to cherish each day feeling you move in my belly, considering this may be the last time i grow a baby in my tummy. i've also been "practicing" relaxing into each contraction, to help get ready for the real deal. it's been interesting, as i've always instinctively tense my body when reacting to pain.

cheers to 7 weeks until july 7th!
love you ev!

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