Sunday, June 18, 2017


dear evelyn,

i think it's pretty apparent that i'm about to pop. people are constantly asking when i'm due... i'm constantly answering variations of "july 7th, but being induced on the 8th" or "20 days left" followed by, "no she probably won't come early, we're expecting her arrival on the 8th" surprisingly, it hasn't gotten annoying, but instead has built my anticipation/excitement? i was trying to take scarlett on the ferris wheel at scheel's the other day, and the employee stopped me at the line and asked, "are you by chance pregnant?" i thought it was cute that she was trying to be polite, even though it seemed pretty obvious. anyways, i wasn't allowed on the ride and daddy had to take my spot.

this week: we have a big sibling class for you older sisters, amelia starts her newest soccer season, we're digging your bassinet out of storage and maybe even washing your newborn clothes?, 38 week appointment with dr. thackeray, and i accidentally signed myself up for 3 hospital shifts in a row. i'm not sure how that happened, but... we'll survive. i hope.

3 more weeks, 20 more days
2 more sundays, 1 more primary lesson,
3 more hospital shifts
2 more iCentra trainings
1 dentist appointment
1 birthday party
1 5k on the 4th of july

i mean, these last few weeks are going to fly! though, my planner is blank for the whole week before you arrive... hopefully we can fill that space up by the time it arrives-- or maybe we'll just be living at the pool by then!

love you
and trying so hard to stay positive for this last little uncomfortable stretch,

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