Tuesday, June 13, 2017


dear evelyn,

daddy was telling me about the other night, where he had his hand on my belly and you just repeatedly kicked back at him for 10-15 minutes (not hiccups; i guess sometimes you'd pause and he'd aggravate you a little until you continued to kick) he just kept laughing while i slept through the whole thing. love that you two are bonding already.

your cousin, brightyn lynn arrived this last week at 32.6 weeks gestation. she's a tiny thing, and we haven't had a chance to meet her since we've been sick. her birthday is june 8th, and we think yours will be july 8th-- pretty neat to be exactly a month apart? (unless you don't think so and want to come earlier? your choice!) counting down our weeks and days has mostly been smooth and patient process; but since brightyn has arrived, i'm just itching to hold you in my arms!!

our appointment this week with dr. thackeray revealed that we've progressed to 2.5 cm dilated and remain at 50% effaced. my uterus is measuring right on the money at 36 cm and your heartbeat today was 140 bpm. he guesses you probably weigh around 6 pounds right now, and we agree you'll probably come out relatively close to the size your sisters did.

i finally turned in my leave of absence request for work, and still have a few things to check off for you... i think we're all but ready for you!

love you,

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