Sunday, June 4, 2017


dear evelyn,

less than 5 weeks to go! it's truly the fastest pregnancy i've ever had, thank goodness! some days, i feel pretty miserable (back aching, hips sore, insane heat, exhaustion, swelling, hunger/nausea at the same time, constant discomfort, inability to move without getting out of breath, etc. etc.) and other days i feel pretty good! amelia and i have been walking a few miles 5 days a week to train for the independence day 5k, and i think we're really going to make it happen! the exercise has surprisingly boosted my energy and helps my hips feel looser, and therefore not as sore. the warm weather and passing through memorial day weekend has allowed us daily visits to the pool and i think our tans are apparent in this picture! i'm interested to see how if we keep up our pool routine when you arrive-- maybe you and i will just stay in the shade?

i've been trying to make a prep list of things to do before you come, i'm sort of blanking because i've been so relaxed about your impending arrival! don't get me wrong- we're so excited for you, but there's just no anxiety attached!

we should probably:
set up your bassinet
wash/fold your newborn clothes
buy diapers
wipe down your carseat & attach your base in our new car
buy your coming-home outfit (and matching outfits for your big sisters)
pack our hospital bag
clean the house?
freezer meals?

this list is getting ridiculous. i wonder how much of it will actually get checked off before your arrival. life as we know it will be forever changed in a month! we can't wait!

love you,

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