Tuesday, October 28, 2014

turning 23

For the first time in my life, I felt like I was getting old. I know it sounds weird, but somehow time feels like it's slowing down and not just racing through my soul anymore. It's a strange feeling, and surely I shouldn't waste my time trying to verbalize this?

I had the best birthday and was spoiled all day long! Amelia went to school early, so lonely old me went on a shopping spree. I started with Ross to look for a birthday dress, instead I got a shirt and a new diaper bag for round two. I strolled into Target and got a mug for $2.50 (I love monogrammed items), hazelnut chocolate, and a gift for someone else. And then I just spent the rest of the morning strolling around and getting lost in my thoughts. Katie came to pick me up for lunch at Thai Basil (my pick!), and gave me the best birthday surprise in the world (you'll have to wait to see what it was though). Jenna and I met for a nice pedi at JC nails and enjoyed girly time and massages for an hour (funny how much you can talk without little two year olds!). I had a lovely glucose test and cervical exam for my 30 week appointment (still undilated, thankfully!) with Dr. Thackeray. I went home to find Jeremy had already picked up Amelia and sunflowers, and more chocolate. Also, Amelia came up to me with a cute little turquoise and red box and yelled, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY! AND CAKE TOO?" I've been telling Jeremy I wanted a gold watch for a while (like a fake gold watch, right?) Seriously, this dude never goes cheap, and he always hides the price tag because he knows it makes me sick. :/ So I open this box, and it's the prettiest gold watch I've ever seen in my life. Gosh.

We spend the evening at Cornbelly's and watched Amelia love every single wooden playset, get her face painted (Jer wanted me to get mine done too), love everything fair style (except when she made me carrying through the 700000 mile long corn maze). We were freezing and so so tired by the time we left for dinner at Zupas (my pick again). Ah man, we forgot to got the créme brulée, maybe next year! We ended the night at home with ice cream cake (my request). Amelia was so SO excited to help me blow at my candles and try some cake herself (I'm pretty sure that's the only reason why she's excited for other people's birthday...)

Golly, a packed full perfect day with some pretty perfect people. My parents gave me a fleece sweater and too much birthday money, and my other parents gave me a sweet card and too much birthday money. I was texted/called all along the way too, and just felt grateful to be alive and loved. Thank you from my bottom of my heart!!


Monday, October 27, 2014


Dear Scarlett,

This week has been amazing and fast-paced!

On Monday, we spend all morning prepping for a baby shower we were hosting. That evening, we went pumpkin picking at Schmidt's farm and walked around the temple for family night. Dad and I tagged teamed making spaghetti and red lobster biscuits for dinner, and I realized it will never cease to amaze me how quickly the dishes pile up. Dad didn't get any calls for work, and it was a perfect evening!

On Tuesday, Amelia and I went on a short morning walk, enjoyed toddler time at library, and saw our playgroup friends at Firmont Park. It was a perfect morning for this routine-loving mama who got to check everything off her to-do list. While Amelia napped, we cleaned our bathrooms, floors, kitchen,.. you know, all the high traffic areas that guests might see? Dad came home and we went to get the perfect little play kitchen for Amelia (and you) for Christmas. Daddy and Amelia went to Grandma's and we hosted a shower for a friend and her baby boy due in less than three weeks!

Wednesday was my birthday-- and I realized how much I love that I've grown both of you sweet girls in my tummy through my birthday. We celebrated with a little shopping spree in the morning, lunch with Katie and Caleb Bachman, pedicure with Jenna, glucose test and 30 week appointment with Dr. Thackeray, and Cornbelly's and a birthday dinner with Dad and Amelia. I'm the luckiest girl to have my favorite people in my life.

On Thursday, we had sometimes pretty grand plans. Grand plans that included driving to Utah Valley to visit the Anderson girls, and picking up your new crib and ordering your crib mattress. Well motherhood is all about being flexible, and I knew we'd struggle as soon as Amelia woke us up at 6:30 am. We didn't go down to Utah Valley, and instead the Anderson girls came up to us! (we just love them too much, and wish they lived a wee bit closer so playdates could be more frequent) We also didn't get your crib or crib mattress, maybe next week? Amelia and us took (tried to take) a nap in the afternoon, and we went into work that evening.

And Friday evening.
(On which we also found out that my/our sugar levels are great, but iron levels are way low again. I think it's incredible that you take everything you need to grow healthily, and all I need to do is supplement!)
And we were suppose to work Saturday evening.
(Instead we spent the entire day projectile vomiting and sleeping. Dad took care of us and No-Nap Amelia all day, and I stressed about calling in sick and using my PTO hours I wanted to save for when you come. In the end, we ended up staying home to gear up to work the next evening.)

And that's pretty much a wrap for week 30. We've been extra queasy and vomitous this week. I'm not sure why, maybe a less busy week for 31 will help? Coupled with lots of Braxton Hicks, some sleeping discomfort and insomnia has made this entire situation unfortunate. Needless to say, I'm thrilled we only have 9 weeks left before you're here!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

showering courtney & baby harrison

I threw a shower for my friend Courtney and her baby boy Harrison! Courtney is the sweetest lady, and I had so much fun planning my first shower-- you know how I love planning parties!? It was simple and fun, and I loved spending the evening with her and several ladies from our ward.

October has been an insanely busy for us, and I'm so glad we squeezed this shower in! Life gets busy, but I never want to be someone who forgets her friends or forgets to serve. We shared birth stories and mama adventures, ate some yummy food, had some mad lib fun, and I definitely call it a success in my books!

Oh, and don't you love this picture of Amelia yelling, "mommy, say cheese! CHEESE!"? Love my girl!

Monday, October 20, 2014

schmidt's farm & pumpkin patch

patch #3, and we still had so much fun! amelia is getting pretty into pictures, and tried to hop in another family's picture, and screamed bloody murder as we pulled her away. that was lovely. there was only one tractor, and family after family kept lining up to ride it. we're not line people, more like walk around and hope it gets less crowded people; amelia kept circling back and staring people down, and inching closer and closer (not like a creeper or anything...). we picked out two perfect pumpkins, and amelia picked out her own 'baby pa-kin' and wanted to carry it herself the whole time. we went to the playground afterwards, and then finished the night off with homemade spaghetti + red lobster biscuits and a walk around the temple. the weather was beautiful, jeremy didn't get any calls tonight, it was a perfect fhe!!

family of three for the last time

You know how family pictures are a little stressful? My day-to-day life is silly and wonderful and beautiful and I just wish those moments could be captured, but you know, dressed up style. Amelia is wearing her cousin, Remy's cardigan, Jer is wearing brand new pants we got at the beginning of the year for a job that fell through, and I was so self-conscious about anything looking good on my baby bump, We planned for Amelia to have a nap right before pictures, and she woke up with a nice little blowout all the way up her back and hair 5 minutes before we were leaving. We drove 30 minutes up to silver lake, took pictures for 7 minutes before the sun dipped behind the mountains. This couple take engagement pictures? came right to our spot and started snapping pictures next to us, Amelia whined and kept running away from the camera, Jeremy kept trying to keep her from eating the weeds, I was contracting the whole time. Honestly, I was just worried we all looked like a hot mess.

We got pictures back yesterday, and aren't they just beautiful? A lot of the candids are better than the posed, but I've always like candids better anyway. I'm grateful to have photos that showcase my family in our slew of silly, happy, giggly, playful, serious moments, just how we are. I love them so much it hurts. And part of me still can't believe there will be another little baby in pictures next year! Thanks Melissa for capturing us for 2014!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

28 months

Dear Amelia,

I love how these pictures capture your spirit. I love that when you smile, it consumes your entire face. I love when you giggle uncontrollably and it makes you want to attack us with hugs. I love you so dearly. These days, you are becoming more focused, patient and disciplined. You listen more carefully, though you clearly know you are able to make your own decisions. Your favorite songs include ABCs, the "temple song", I am a Child of God, the Isty Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle, the Wheels on the Bus, and the Star Spangled Banner (yes, I know, how do you already know that song?). You often yell, "Millie do it!" when Mom or Dad tries to sing with you. You love to count and point out letters you see (on books, street signs, packages, etc.). You love to ask questions, and you love confirmation from Mom (i.e. "is that temple, mommy?" "is that backhoe, mommy?" " is that miss yolanda, mommy?") You love to run run run. You love to paint, color and get your hands dirty (and wash them). You love to watch us cook, and love to "help" (sneak bites when you think we aren't looking). You love routine: breakfast, reading time, outing, lunchtime, nap, mail/waiting for daddy, playtime, outing with daddy, dinner time, playtime, bedtime. You love to solve things on your own, though I can sense the panic when you are struggling and sometimes have to remind you to ask for help. You love to help clean with wipes, you love to help throw things away, you love to put the dishes away. You love to hustle us into singing you as many songs at bedtime as possible, and you love to crawl into bed with us before 8 AM in the morning. You are still a bit timid with people you don't know well, but you've started to warm up more easily and will at the very least say, "hi" "please" and "thank you". You are very vivacious, but have started learning how to share and return toys after I explain why it is important. You tell me when you need to go potty and poop, and you go gracefully in your potty, though we have not officially potty-trained you. You point to ultrasound pictures, and ask about "baby Scarlett" often, and it makes my mama heart throb. You weigh roughly 24 pounds, wear 18-24 months clothing, and size 4 diapers.

I love you so much,
I'm so grateful to be your mother.

Friday, October 17, 2014

meeting queen elsa

I debated on taking Amelia to the "princess party" storytime at the library, mostly because I tried to avoid all things "princess-y" and gender conforming. Amelia has been asking about princesses for a few months now, but without experience in movies, mostly all she knows is that they wear crowns and frilly dresses. We decided to go the morning of, and she was so excited! She was a bit timid meeting Queen Elsa, but eventually warmed up and gave her a hug. She listened diligently to her stories, she participated fairly in the hot potato (brace let) game, she waited patiently for her signed autograph and picture.

I was so impressed, I wondered why I was hesitant about the situation to begin with. Princesses are kind, patient, selfless, smart, beautiful on the inside and out. The movies have taught us (me) multiple life lessons to carry with us: to be kind to others and optimistic, even when life seems hopeless; to look past faces that are different and see the good and beauty in others; to be curious and seek out adventure in life; to fight for what you believe in; to build friendships, even where cultural and language barriers may exist; the list goes on and on. I hope my daughter learns these lessons and remembers them like I do. I hope she remembers she is a true princess: daughter of a King, and destined to be a Queen someday.